The Ultimate Resource for Presenting – The 13 Best Speakers and How to Prepare


“Speaker block” is a real thing, and it’s common for presentations to be either boring or as exciting as watching paint dry. If this happens to you, you’re not alone! Speaker block is a phenomenon that affects many of us at one time or another. If this is something that’s been happening more often lately, here are some useful tips from Something With Numbers for conducting a better presentation without resorting to the dreaded “let me read my notes”. Having some great speaking tips at your fingertips can be really useful in your presentations, so here are the best Presentation speakers to rely on when you’re in doubt.

3 Elements of Great Presentations That Most Speakers Ignore |

1. TED

The most popular platform for the presentation of ideas, TED (Technology Entertainment Design) creates short videos featuring really high quality, thought-provoking presentations made by some of the world’s most interesting people. You can watch these presentations on YouTube or their website which is updated daily.

Never run out of inspiration again with this tip!  Here are some of their most inspiring  presenters  – Andrew Stanton , Jane McGonigal, Simon Sinek and Amy Cuddy .

2. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is a series of English and Spanish educational videos that were created by TED and their partners. These videos explain things like:

3. Toastmaster International

The world renowned  Toastmaster  is a community of top professionals and business owners who have been commissioned to give expert speeches from all walks of life in order to help our members make stronger presentations, become better speakers, and improve the way they communicate with others. It’s national leadership training experience is second to none, and they offer you the chance to join their ranks in exchange for a free speech on your favourite topic or subject that you choose.

This is a free and fun way to get more practice and learn from some of the world’s best speakers.

4.  A Day in the Life of a Speaker

From the Microsoft Faculty site: “In this video you’ll see speaker Kevin Maurer in action, from his early morning run to meeting with a classroom full of third graders, and everything else in between. This video will show you how he succeeds not just at being a great speaker, but at being a great person.”  One of my favorite things about  TED Talks  is that they’re wonderfully diverse and really interesting to watch – if only every day life could be that interesting!

5.   How to Speak at a TED-Ed Event

If you’re thinking about attending a TED event, you should definitely check out this article for some useful tips. Maybe there’s a better speaker that you know who would be better suited to your presentation? Check out these speakers for inspiration:

6. Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

In this short but powerful speech, Simon Sinek shares the truth about what motivates people and how these ideas can be applied in order to make our lives more meaningful and help us get happier. It should really be required viewing for everyone!

7.   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“Now, you can learn his habits and apply them to your own life” – Simon Sinek

8.   How to Speak at a TED Featured Speaker Event

Are you thinking about attending a featured speaker event? You should definitely check out this article for some useful tips. Maybe there’s a better speaker that you know who would be better suited to your presentation? Check out these speakers for inspiration.

9.   The Power Of Listening

This is an insightful video that discusses the way we do things in our culture. It’s not really about speaking, but it does explain some interesting ideas about how we can improve ourselves as communicators by learning to listen more.

10.   The Art of the Pause

A must-see video that explores how pauses can be used in order to gain attention and create pivot points for future discussion or action  – one of the best tips I’ve ever seen!

11.  PowerPoint Tips for Presenters

This blog post sums up really useful tips for PowerPoint presentation  comparison charts , different types of charts and other useful topics.

12.   How to Deliver a Great Presentation

Presentation skills are used every day in the workplace, whether you realize it or not. A presentation can be an effective tool for convincing an audience of almost anything, but only if it’s presented well. Just like everything else there are good and bad ways to present your ideas ( no pun intended…). And guess what? There is even an  infographic  to help you through the process!

13. The Ultimate Guide to Public Speaking

Need some extra help? For more information on public speaking check out this guide that will help you with everything you need to know to become an expert presenter.

14. Ted Talks (MIT)

Even before TED was created, one of the world’s most famous educators, computer scientist Nicholas Negroponte, had already started MIT’s Media Lab. The lab is dedicated to providing “a vision for the future of technology and culture, aimed toward solving some of the world’s most important social and environmental problems.” The Ted Talks channel showcases inspiring presentations by some of the world’s top thinkers on topics ranging from health care to education to technology.

15.   10 Tips for Better Presentations

Presenters are often so focused on being entertaining that they forget about their main purpose which is to communicate information.


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