10 Useful Tips For Preventing Car Repairs: Motor Oil Maintenance


We all know that a car is a big investment, and is therefore something that we want to take good care of. In order to do so, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to minimize the chances of having your car break down on the side of the road. One way to keep it from breaking down is by doing motor oil maintenance and replacing fluids on time. By doing so, you are sure to keep your car in good working condition. Below are some useful tips recommended by https://actknw.com/  on how to do that:

What You Need:

-A small container filled with new motor oil for an old engine.

-A little container filled with new engine oil for a new engine. -A pair of cotton gloves.

-Some rags and towels.

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How To:

1) Clean off the car’s exterior and interior as needed and polish it as much as you want and as often as you want before and after each oil change, even if you do not need it right now, just makes everything look better on the outside if not appealing to the eye of others.

2) Clean your engine’s oil pan, make sure all parts are removed.

3) Change the old oils for old ones and fill up the new one.

4) Rinse out the old oil drain plug to help eliminate further detritus to prevent repeat of problems.

5) Remove all parts that are no longer needed before reassembling.

Secure them before driving away

6) Tighten all screws back in place to secure them before driving away. It is recommended not to overtighten any screws because it could possibly cause damage to the engine, so give it a little wiggle or two so that you can finish tightening them up at a later time if need be.

7) During the actual oil change process, do not turn the engine on; leave it to run for at least 5 minutes. This is because it helps to flush out the old oil and helps your new one to mix with it.

8) The car will probably smoke if you do this for too long; this is normal. It’s actually what you want, because this means that everything is working properly. If not then give it a longer time to run again before driving away or just wipe off some smoke particles that might be left behind by using a rag or towel.

Oil level

9) Once the burning stops, check the engine’s oil level to see if all was done properly and adjust accordingly before driving off.

10) Wipe off everything with a towel or rag to make sure it is all clean.

11) Sit back and relax as you hear the engine purr!

12) Drive with caution at first until you feel that you need to speed up. You never know when something may go wrong, so always be careful anytime you are driving your car.

Drive carefully

13) Once done, drive carefully at first until you feel that you need to drive it more aggressively, adjust the engine’s gear using the automatic option of your car’s mechanism or use your manual control if applicable, don’t forget to wipe off any excess oil spillage (if any).

14) The car’s temperature should be normal.

15) Before driving off, turn on the engine and listen to any strange sound coming from the engine. If something is still not right, do not drive off, just repeat everything all over again until you feel that everything is working properly.

16) Remember that these tips apply to any kind of vehicle, whether it is a four-by-four or a tank vehicle.

17) Before driving off, make sure that you are doing this for your own safety, not because other road users are causing problems for you.

18) When doing any work on your car, always ensure that it is done right before driving off or else it could result in more problems in the future.

Pay attention to problems 

Pay attention to what problems have occurred in the past due to motor oil issues and how it happened. This will really help you to avoid recurring complications or problems that may come up in the future. Also learn about proper engine maintenance because it will really help you know what to do when something does go wrong with your vehicle.

After checking the oil level and making sure everything is good to go, take a big sigh of relief as you start your car up and make sure nothing bad happens as you drive off. You should know that if you want to keep your car in good shape and the engine running as best as possible, then you should be updating your car’s oil as frequently as possible. This is really important not just for the engine’s health but also for the car’s safety. So remember these tips and you will surely be looking at your best looking and favorite old or new car for a long time to come.


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