Essential Ways To Audit Your Amazon Listings For Optimal Sales Performance

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Boost your organic Amazon sales through the optimization of listing audit with these simple steps. Find out now in the article below!

In 2020, Amazon made up for more than half of total online sales within the US alone, based on a report from PYMNTS. This significant portion demonstrates how profitable running an Amazon store can be if retailers optimize their business strategies.

While running ads helps generate paid traffic and expand the customer database, another cost-effective approach that Amazon owners can employ is to audit their brand and listings. Today, let’s have a look at why listing audits are crucial to your organic sales and how to perform an audit on your Amazon landing page.

What Is An Amazon Listing Audit?

An Amazon listing audit refers to the arrangement of an Amazon product page. A standard listing audit includes several key factors like keyword optimization, visual support, and copy. 

By utilizing the elements mentioned above, a listing audit guarantees the UI/UX, thus better exploiting your current traffic and persuading potential customers to seal a deal.

So is it acceptable not to do an Amazon listing audit?

If you want your business to go to waste and lose the opportunity to earn your profits, the answer is yes. Many Amazon retail stores are spending lots of money on hosting ad campaigns and drawing shoppers to their page, but forget to take care of where the users are supposed to make a purchase: the listings. Unappealing photos do not provoke any feelings from shoppers, while lengthy, complicated sales copy confuses whoever reads the text.

Therefore, conducting a comprehensive listing audit is essential to the growth of your Amazon store in the long run. Usually, people often rely on a trusted Amazon marketing agency to do the job.

What To Do In An Amazon Listing Audit?

An Amazon listing consists of keyword optimization, product photos, and keyword optimization. Below are what you need to do in each category to maximize your Amazon sales.

Keyword optimization


This term means the process of researching any words tied to your products and putting them on the landing page. Keywords play an essential role in any ad campaigns or sales tactics, as it allows the host engine search to collect data and display a rank of frequently searched terms.

As a result, you should start auditing your Amazon listings by including every possible keyword regarding your product. The first place to insert them – of course – is the title. Next up, fill in the product description and the bullet point under the “About the product” section. From there, Amazon itself will scan through your listings and put the products 0n the relevant search result page.

If you have never tried to optimize your keywords, feel free to utilize the following tips:

  • Pay attention to the relevance, not only volume: It would be ridiculous if you put “laptop” – the second-highest searched keyword on Amazon in 2020 – in your book-selling listing. Resist the temptation to use popular keywords with a low level of relevance, and instead, opt for something that reflects your service.
  • Make use of long-tail keywords: while more detailed keywords like “second-hand air dryer under $200” are less likely to attract a lot of searches, they are targeted at a section of customers with higher intentions of buying. Infiltrate these small markets by describing your products as specific as possible.
  • Utilize backend keywords: despite being invisible to your potential customers, Amazon still takes backend keywords into account when they calculate the rank. These comprise common misspellings of main keywords, other names of the offered products, products within the same brand, etc.
  • Stay away from high-volume keywords: many different sellers compete for customers by using frequently searched keywords. However, this is only suitable for big brands. If you are a small or medium business, you might want to try other less prevalent terms to avoid intense competition.

Product photos

Since all of your sales are conducted online, there is only one way for customers to imagine what they are getting themselves into: product images. Uploading the right visual is a cost-free way for you to impress potential buyers and increase the chances of conversion. So what should you take notice of when preparing the photos for your listings?

  • Only choose high-quality photos: leave out anything distorted or blurry in the slightest sense. Shoppers can look at these off-putting photos and believe your products are as terrible as they look.
  • Include different angles: you need to offer consumers a multifaceted view of what your products are like. Take several photos from the front and the back, then some others at the side. For items that require an assembly (ping pong table, tents, etc.), there should be a photo before and after the setup so customers can have a better grasp. 

Listing copy


Copy is the text used to describe your products, present the warranty policies, as well as offering other necessary information that a buyer wants to know before making a purchase. Your job is to ensure the copy is information-packed but still well written enough so that customers can scan through everything in a short time. So how can you achieve this goal?

  • Make use of bullet points: bullet points can list out the product’s features in short sentences, making them more readable on the screen. Try not to insert walls of text since not many customers are interested in reading an entire essay.
  • Avoid jargon: sales copy is to introduce and clarify the characteristics of products, which means they need to be straightforward and understandable. Excessive use of complicated language can hinder potential customers, especially those with no previous exposure to your products.


Auditing your Amazon listing can be an ultimate solution to boost organic sales and take advantage of the existing customer traffic. If you are not familiar with such techniques, consider outsourcing to an Amazon marketing agency for the best results. Further information can be obtained at


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