Digital Marketing: Powerful Strategies You Need to Know


You might not know it, but you are constantly being bombarded with digital marketing campaigns. The thing is, most of the time you don’t even notice them – not because they’re subtle, but because their creators know exactly how to make them work.

Here are some of the most powerful strategies listed y that go under-the-radar thanks to our ever-growing addiction to social media and digital devices:

6 Aspects of Digital Marketing you should Know - Edupristine

1. Pay Attention to the Favored State.

The first step in any digital marketing campaign is to understand how your customers are using their devices. If you think about the “favorite” feature on your smartphone, it’s essentially a shortlist of apps you use (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Sportello Ristorante) that promotes the idea of your content as something you should consume immediately – at any time, anywhere.

So if you’re an expert in your field and want to sell it to big brands or investment banks that want to hire you for consulting gigs, one of the best ways to find them is through social media.

Customer service or marketing fields

Let’s say you want to create a comprehensive guide about taxes for individual entrepreneurs. If you know that most of the people who pay attention to your page are in the sales, customer service or marketing fields, then your guide should be short and sweet (around 1000 words) and designed for quick reading.

You can promote it with an eye-catching CTA on your social media profile – say, “Get my 10 top tips for tax season” – and then get right down to business. Your readers will click on the link, land on your page, read through your guide (probably while still on their phone) and hopefully become super-avid fans of you.

2. Your Content Should Be Easy to Share.

This is one of the most effective online marketing strategies ever devised. Social media “shareability” is paramount for any business, but especially so for content marketers who are trying to gain more exposure for their skills and services. If you know that your target market is active on the major social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), then you know that you need something that will instantly incentivize them to share it with other people in their network. It should be fun, easy and extremely visual.

Consistency is key. If you’re not consistent with your brand image, then there’s a high chance that people will become increasingly frustrated with your content. Always try to remind them that it’s just another part of their life that you are trying to promote.

Efficient method 

One of the best examples of this is coming up with an efficient method for selling your services. For example, let’s say you’re selling online marketing services to business owners. As a marketer, you can start by promoting it on social media with the help of images that show results and testimonials from previous clients (something like these). Then start with your blog, where you write about the best tips on search optimization, user acquisition and social media.

That’s the most important part of your content. After you’ve published it, go back to social media where you can promote it with the help of images like these (in this case, my favorite is the one below). The more unique and they appeal to different people in your client base, the more chances it has to gain traction. That’s how you will gain brand awareness for what you do – and probably get clients who are willing to pay for that.

3. Avoid “Selling Out.

If you’re a small-business owner, there’s a good chance you’ve had some pretty crazy ideas about how to promote your business. Your first instinct is probably to go online and try to get as much traffic as possible from search engines, or buy ads on various traffic exchanges or ad networks. But here’s the thing – there’s not much money in it for you, and you’re competing with some really big players who spend so much more on marketing than you can ever afford.

In order to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground, the best way is to start building up your network. Social media is still an amazing place for reaching people, and if you’re working with a smaller company that doesn’t have the budget (or time) to hire pros like PPC or SEO specialists, then your best bet is to do it yourself.

But how should you go about doing that? 

Well first of all, if you’re not active on social media yourself (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), then you need to start. After all, if your followers don’t know who you are or what you do for a living… Where’s the incentive for them to trust your skills?

The next thing to do is head over to the major social media platforms and start introducing yourself. Your brand image will help you get more followers, and that should give you a pretty great idea of how to promote your content to your network.

We should mention that the best strategy is to avoid “sales pitches” and instead encourage users to hang out and interact with you on social media. People love it when they see other people having fun and sharing their interests with the world – so why not do it yourself?


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