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We value content that gives our audience interest, is user-oriented and of excellent quality. We strongly believe that so many business prospects and achievements are opened up by a well-designed commercial product. We will be happy to publish them in our blog if you can write about the subjects that resonate with our audience.

Our readers are very important. We want to read entertaining, informative, important and quality blog posts that offer our community feedback on the advantages of technologies and methods. The other favorite subjects are how our platform and your goods can be used by programmers, governments, ecommerce owners and other investors.

What we looking for 

We appreciate your efforts to our community by writing authentic, great quality and meaningful blog entries.

We are looking for appropriate, attractive, easy and timely submissions. What we say is to break down:

Relevant: Written in gratitude for a strong public.

Easy: If possible, using simple language with defined keywords, sub – headings, newsletters and other techniques to quickly search the entries.

Attractive: The videos, maps, tables and other visual elements are included.

Timely: Concentrate on a specific technological subject in families and services for reproductive health.

As you can see, these blog posts are unique and greatly contribute to the awareness of the readers.

Although we accept posts on any technical subject relevant to family planning and reproductive health, priority is given to the following technical fields:

  • Based on the prior performance and resources on contraception.
  • Links to information and resources on contraception.
  • Meeting different populations’ contraceptive needs.
  • Planning for a family and gender.
  • Development family planning.
  • Cross-cutting subjects ( what works in FP / RH programs and what does not work; data, information management).

How to submit your article

You can send an email with the proper detail for your form, as Google document to our Managing Editor. 

  • All participants have a profile. Provide the latest if this is your first piece:
  • Comprehensive name
  • Name and company
  • File must be less than 3 MB (png, jpg, or jpeg) photo (preferably headshot);
  • Quick biographical details (150-300 words)
  • Optional: Links to your profile, Linked In Profile, Twitter Handle and/or Facebook account All submissions are periodically updated by our staff. All submissions are monitored periodically.

When any response does not come back to you in one month, please feel free to reach out once again. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

What happens next

Will post is checked to ensure that the article is in accordance with the Quality Information Network.

You will receive an email confirmation within a few working days of submitting your request. At least two weeks from the Progress team the author is informed of the decision of the team by email within the following week. 

We are pleased you are here. Here we are glad. The goal of our research is to provide the workforce in the field of family and reproductive health news, movies, games media with essential information. Without this help of articles or overly complex technical language, we aim to link news  professionals to news, resources and opportunities relevant in time to their job.