Curly, Wavy, Straight: How to Manage Different Kinds of Hair


Hair is a very personal thing. It can be one of the most defining features of your personality and style. Or it can just be something that you don’t worry too much about. Curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair they all have their own nuances when it comes to how they’re cared for and styled. In this blog post we’ll break down these three different hairstyles so you know what to do with yours!

Curl cream

Curly hair benefits from leaving in conditioner and curl creams. Curls are prone to dryness so a leave-in will help keep them hydrated! Curl cream is also really great for defining the curls or adding shine when your locks need some extra attention.

Curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers can be used on straight hair without worry. They’ll always look better with a little product through them. But if you feel like they’re looking too greasy just throw them up into an easy ponytail or bun until they have time to air out again!

Wavy hair straightening

Straightening wavy hair isn’t all bad even though you’ll probably want to do this less than you would with curly or straight hair. It is a good idea to use heat on your locks every once in a while! Curling irons will work great for this job and might just give you some nice beachy waves.

Respond to sea salt sprays

Curly hair styles are better off left air dried; they’ll still benefit from products but won’t be as weighed down by them. Curls also respond well to sea salt sprays which can add that effortless texture and volume desired! Curl creams are really beneficial if your curls aren’t looking their best. When used correctly these products should help alleviate frizziness causing the curl pattern to form beautifully!

Curling irons

Try using curling/flat irons instead of blow dryers when possible. Curling irons are better for wavy hair than hot tools and won’t cause as much damage! Curls should be refreshed every two weeks to keep them looking their best, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra time sleeping with your head on a satin pillowcase can really help the process along by reducing frizziness!

Drying straight hair

Blow drying straight hair is totally fine; however it will always look better with some product through it before heat styling so go ahead and experiment. Until you find what works well for your locks. For updos that need more oomph try curling/flat ironing first then working an anti-frizz serum or shine spray into the strands afterwards!


Curls are beautiful but they can be a challenge to manage. Curly hair is usually dryer and more fragile than straight hair. Because it has less natural oil in the follicles, so there’s always a chance of frizz due to humidity or over-drying with hot tools.

Curly Hair Care Tips

It’s important throughout this process not to confuse volume with definition as they’re two very distinctively separate elements. Curls can be voluminous and lack definition or they can have lots of curl formation yet appear flat.

Wavy Hair

If your waves tend towards kinks and curls instead of soft ‘S’ shapes, you may have thick, coarse strands that need special treatment for best results. Curling irons (especially those with thicker barrels) work well on wavy locks as do curlers such as Velcro rollers which won’t damage or break the ends like clips might.

Wavy Hair Care Tips

Just like curly hair, there are different types of waves for you to consider when choosing the right type of care for your strands. Of course, it’s not always possible to determine which wave pattern is dominant in any given scenario. But if you’re currently facing a styling dilemma that results in an “undefined” appearance then going with texturizing products and techniques may help!

Straight Hair

Because it can be flat, lifeless and hard to style without extra effort, straight hair can feel frustrating for women who want natural-looking waves or curls. Curling irons work best here . Because they create more movement than a standard curler but you might also consider buying clip-in extensions which will add some body as well as length if that’s what you’re after.

Straight Hair Care Tips

If your locks tend towards being stick-straight (no pun intended!) then don’t worry about trying too hard at looking after them as this simply isn’t required due to their inherent natural state.

It’s a good idea to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners as they will help prevent breakage. But beyond that you won’t need much in the way of extra products.

Types of curl hair:

Curls can be tight or loose with a wide range of sizes in between depending on genetics.

  • Tight Curls
  • Loose Curls
  • Medium curls

All curly hair is not alike; there are different types of curl which require different care techniques to manage it properly. If you don’t know what type of curly hair you possess then read through carefully to determine your best course of action when it comes time for washing and styling your locks!

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