Benefits of node js

node js

Node.js became a real success in web development as it was the first environment in which JavaScript code could run on the server side.

Its arrival has enabled the full JavaScript development stack as a single language for both back-end and front-end web development. It affects process and outcome. In fact node js also offers other important benefits such as ease of learning and impressive scalability. Using the same language throughout your application ultimately means better compatibility, better performance. And it’s the ability for the developer community to share reusable components and offer support.

Main advantages

When a person thinks about moving into the profession of a web developer, the first thing they do is to learn the basics: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In the beginning, few people pay attention to the React.js library or Node.js technology.

Of course, there are people who skip the basics and start learning straight away from the React.js library, or even Node.js. This carries certain risks. You cannot build a good house without a solid foundation. But today we are going to talk about Node.js and its benefits.

Node.js, popularly simply Noda, is a software platform for executing JavaScript on the server side. The technology is based on the V8 virtual machine. It was created by Google for its Chrome browser. The V8 virtual machine has high performance when executing JavaScript. In 2009 Ryan Dahl developed Node.js. He added additional libraries and his own code to V8 so that JavaScript can work with the file system, network requests, etc. outside the browser. In fact, this turned JavaScript from a scripting language in the browser into a general-purpose language. Thanks to this, many years later, we can easily create modern web applications in Javascript for the client and server, develop desktop applications like Visual Studio Code, Slack, Discord and even program microcontrollers.

Node.js is already used in development by such large companies as Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, Ebay, Yahoo, Uber and others. And every year their number is growing. Why has Node.js become so popular and why is it so loved?

One of the main advantages is that JS can be used both on the client side of the application and on the server side. That is, the Front-end and Back-end are written in the same language. And the programmer does not need to change the programming context during the development process. This means it is easier to learn and work.

Second, in spite of single-threading, the speed of Node.js is very high due to the asynchronous execution of I / O operations, and this does not block the operation of applications. You can read files, send emails, and do other things at the same time. And that means you save time on waiting until the completion of the previous task.

The third, centralized repository NPM (Node Package Manager) is a manager of ready-made modules. When working on a project, this helps to avoid writing the same components, which means it saves the development time of ready-made applications at times.

You can of course continue to list the advantages, but the main thing is that the Node.js platform is developing rapidly and meets all modern IT industry standards. The technology is firmly entrenched in the market and will be in demand.

There are two versions of Node.js: Current and LTS (long time support). LTS is a stable, tested version that is used for serious commercial projects. The Current version is always one step ahead in terms of functionality, but it is better to use it for personal or educational projects, since the version is unstable and subject to frequent changes, but contains all the innovations of the language. These are main node js advantages.

Node.js technology ranks second in popularity in the ranking of frameworks, libraries and platforms.


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