5 CPA Exam Challenges and How to Overcome Them


Do you know the CPA exam isn’t just about mastering specific subjects? Yes, it also has to do with how you prepare for it and brace yourself to face the exam with confidence. In other words, besides accounting knowledge and concepts, there are several other challenges that you may have to face during the CPA exam. You should be mindful of them in order to ace the exam and come out with flying colors. 

That said, here are the top 5 CPA exam challenges and what you can do to overcome them.

1: CPA Exam Stress

The first common CPA exam challenge that many students have to deal with is stress. The stress you will go through during or even before the exam may be challenging to handle.

Your heart beats faster when you consider the time and effort put into taking the exam and how much it means in your career life. You, therefore, need a way through which you can relieve yourself of this stress. Write down what you have studied, take a deep breath, and start with the exam. Before you know it, the stress has gone.

2: Procrastination

How often have you been warned against procrastinating? It has become almost impossible for students to keep off this vice. However, studying for the CPA exam is a vice that you must overcome when it comes to studying for the CPA exam. 

It will not be a good idea if you decide to postpone studying until the last minute, not because it will make your life miserable but because it may never come to pass. There is no reason you have to hold on to this vice.

3: Studying in an Uncomfortable Environment

During your CPA exam preparation, it will be advisable to choose a place where you can study freely. These places can be your room away from the family members if you are living at home. Another good place to get a conducive study environment can be the library.

It should not be a place that is too noisy to distract your attention from what you are doing. Its temperature should be warm enough to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. This kind of environment will help in improving your concentration on what you are studying.

4: Procrastinating during the Exam and Giving up Easily

The 5th CPA exam challenge is when you give up easily and decide to leave the room in the middle of an exam or maybe even a section. Just because you do not understand a few questions does not mean that there is no hope. You might not have understood the concept well, so when you proceed to an easier question, everything will fall into place.

You should therefore give yourself a second chance by answering every question before moving on to another one. This will make sure that even the questions that are easier get to be done.

5: Procrastinating During Review

You are almost done with your CPA exam. It is the last day of the exam, and it is time to revise what you have studied. You will hardly get any moment for review if you wait till the end of the exam. 

The truth is that this is an important step in your life as a student because once you are done with it, no schoolwork or test will be able to give you such stress anymore. Therefore, it is important that you use your time wisely to be successful in this CPA exam challenge.

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After reading the article about CPA Exam Challenges and How to overcome them, do you feel that it is a hard task for students? Do you see yourself experiencing any challenges discussed in this article? Apply these methods to ace your CPA exams. Combining these with the others that you may have come across somewhere else will have a better chance at making your exam process easy.


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