How to Grow Your Brand Using Social Media


Social media has grown into an incredibly useful resource to grow your brand. There are billions of people across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The more you utilize these platforms, the more exposure you will get for your brand. These tips will help you in your attempt to build your brand through social media.

Upload Content Regularly

Uploading content on a regular basis is very important in attracting loyal followers. By staying consistent, your followers will learn to expect a post from you at a certain time. This will improve the performances of your posts, which will hopefully end up in your posts reaching people outside of your followers.

It is important to set realistic expectations too. If you post something every day, then it may be hard to maintain the quality. If the quality drops off, then your brand might lose credibility. 

So rather than posting something every day, you should sacrifice the number of posts for improved quality.

Embrace Trends

Embracing trends is a great way for you to gain exposure for your brand from a larger audience. Typically, your content will only reach those who follow you, and if your followers share it, then it has a chance to reach even more people. 

Trends are quite different. There are people who only look for posts on certain trends. Rather than view the posts from those that they follow, they will search keywords to see posts about that trend. For example, a very common trend is throwback Thursday. This means that people and businesses will post pictures from sometime in the past. 

As a brand, you could post the evolution of your logo or something that resembles prior experiences from your brand. This way, you can broaden your outreach and gain followers from people that would not typically seek out your content.

Interact with Consumers

Interaction is key in building a brand. As your brand gets bigger, you will get more and more followers, and those followers will be tagging you in their posts. This is good because it keeps your brand circulating through a bunch of different posts, which could lead to even more exposure.

Interacting with those posts is key because it could entice more people to put your brand name in a post, with hopes that you will interact with them. You do not have to interact with every post but pick one here and there to respond to. This shows that you are seeing the posts that people tag you in and they will end up posting about your brand more.

Establish A Brand Voice/Tone

It is essential that you are consistent with your message and beliefs as a brand. If you deliver mixed messages, it will be very hard for your brand to reach a specific audience. This is because while you may be saying one thing to target one audience, they may not agree with the other messages that you are relaying.

Being consistent with your message will help you gain a following, and it will provide your brand with followers. Once your brand has loyal followers, the messages you are relaying will reach them and their followers through engagement. This will ultimately allow you to grow your brand.

Study Successful Social Media Accounts

Learning about social media should never stop. There are so many different strategies that are used to grow a brand, and there are also new strategies appearing all the time. Learning from the brands that have been successful in their efforts to grow is huge because you may be able to achieve success.

The old saying “imitation is the sincerest kind of flattery” is true to an extent. However, in the case of social media, you do not want to directly imitate another account. 

Instead, adopt things such as the schedule they use to post or the way that they format their posts. Trying to emulate the same content can come across as dry and will not get a great response.

Some social media brands also hire big-time influences to endorse their own brand. Rather than take the time to do it, you could grow your brand by paying other big influences to do it. 

If you are going to do so, then you will want to have an influencer management platform. This will allow you to keep track of what influencers you are working with and keep track of what you owe them based upon sales.


Social media is tricky; there are always new updates that can change how the platforms function. By using these tips, you should be able to grow your brand regardless, and you will be able to reach thousands of people.


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