Best paints for wooden surfaces

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Wooden surfaces must be painted from time to time- not only to make them look good but also for protection against moisture and pests. Wooden paints are made specifically for the texture of wood and they keep the quality durable for a long time. There are many types of wooden paints available with different features and qualities. The main difference lies in the base of the paint and the final finish that is noticed after painting.

Oil-based paints

As the name suggests, this paint is based on oil and they are very popular because of their extremely smooth and shiny finish. Oil-based paints provide great coverage and also lasts for a long time. You should however be careful while applying it. It can be a little difficult to clean. Try to use a wooden primer before applying oil-based paints. Clean the surface properly before applying the paint.  

Use oil-based paints for exterior surfaces and greater protection for the wood. They can also be great for interiors but they often have a strong smell.

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Water-based paints

Water-based paints are quite versatile and efficient to use. They have the ability to dry quickly and they can also be cleaned easily if a mess happens. They can stick to different types of surfaces easily. However, it is not as durable as oil-based paints. It also doesn’t provide as much protection as other types of paints. It does give a good look for a temporary amount of time.

A variety of water-based paints are available. They are much safer to use even if they don’t stand the test of time. 

Chalk paint

Chalk paint is also water-based paint but gives a unique, matte finish. It is a great choice to give a rough, vintage finish on your wooden surfaces. Chalk paint is also very easy to use and they stick to surfaces very easily. Anyone can use it and they give a beautiful finish. They can serve well for interior objects but for outdoor surfaces, they may not last very long even with protective coatings.

Use chalk paints to give a vintage revamp to your wooden surfaces like doors, tables, chairs, and windows. They can give a beautiful look that is sure to catch some eyes.

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Latex paints

Latex-based paints are among the most versatile of paints for wooden surfaces. They have the best capacity to stick to wood even without priming. It is easy to apply and also easy to clean. You can get a smooth finish in multiple colours. A variety of finishes are also available at lower prices. It can be a perfect option for interior wooden surfaces but the latex paint may wear in external conditions without protection. 

Choose the right paint according to your specific needs and conveniences. There are a variety of colours and finishes available that you can try.


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