Types Of Courses You Can Complete Online


Online education has opened doors to the whole wide world for both students and teachers. Not only have school and college students and teachers benefited from this method of education, but people who had to drop out due to any reasons or who wish to continue learning alongside their job or business have found advantages of this mode of earning. People who are working in various fields and have years of experience that they wish to share with students across the globe have also found online teaching very useful and beneficial. 

One of the best tools introduced by online education is online courses that are conducted using a large number of platforms online. Students of all age groups can apply for such courses and attend them to get a certification or understand a subject better or just increase their knowledge base on topics that interest them. Online courses are often user-friendly and made in a way that the students do not have much difficulty in understanding the concepts being explained and the lessons being given. They are created using tools that make them more interesting, interactive and engaging. Some course creators also like to add a fun element to their online course to ensure the students focus during a pre-recorded lecture. There are various benefits of online courses that students take up and attend using different platforms. A wide range of courses can be completed online. There is no limit to the number of courses that exist and that you can complete depending on the time you have. Teachers and experienced professionals from across the globe have brought put in their knowledge and ideas to create a course that would be useful for a student in a completely different part of the world from where they are. 

Online courses can be made and attended for a large variety of topics. A kindergarten student can find online courses for learning the basics like colours, number shapes and so on using courses that allow them to learn as they play games and a working professional could find an online course offering training in skills that are mandatory for their field of work or high demand skills that might help them get a promotion or even a new job. Different types of online courses are available online and as a person who wishes to learn more and add more to their knowledge, you can make the best of these courses for your education and career. In this article, we will discuss the types of online courses that you can find on an online courses platform and complete in short durations. 

There are two major categories of online classes that can be conducted for any type of course online. One is the live class and the other is the pre-recorded video-based class. Both of these types of online classes have their own set of benefits and even disadvantages. To understand them better let us take a look at both of these types of online courses in detail. 

A live online course is conducted in real-time and gives the teachers and students the ability to interact virtually as the class continues. Such courses are often conducted using a video meeting app where a large number of people can be assembled together online and various tools for teaching online like a virtual whiteboard, screen recording and screen sharing can also be put into use. The only disadvantage of such courses is that the classes are always conducted as per a fixed schedule and if the student is unable to attend due to any reason, he or she misses the entire class. There is not much flexibility possible. 

Pre-recorded video-based classes on the other hand offer the highest amount of flexibility to the students as the lecture videos, study material and test series are all available on the online courses platform and the students can access them at any time and from anywhere using a mobile app. The disadvantage here is the lack of real-time communication and sometimes the unavailability of a tutor for answering questions and solving doubts. 

The third category and the middle ground between the two methods is live streaming of lectures to a very large audience over popular video streaming apps and it helps solve most of the problems raised by live and video-based courses. 


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