Positive Advantages of Smiling on your health

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Charles Darwin was among the first to conclude that our expressions would enhance our emotions. This theory is generally called the “feedback loop” or even the hypothesis of facial feedback. Only having the same muscles, you smile puts you in the good mood immediately. The utilization of these muscles is part of the determination of emotion by the brain. A smiling phrase gives us a sense of mood so that we feel happier or even a joke seems funnier.

What does a true smile consist of?

When you authentically smile the position of the eyes and the forehead are important. The true smile requires not just the muscles that lift the lips and the head, but also the muscles that raise the jaw. People who smile with their lips alone (let’s take into account the smile of a “say cheese’ when they take a photo) don’t get the same satisfaction as the ones who are smiling with their whole face.

Fake it before you do so

Smiling will make your brain feel happy and activate true feelings of joy. Yet that’s not done there. The research indicates that the brain is “over and over” linked to the immune system; stress weakens the immune system; on the other hand, happiness is proven to strengthen the immunity of the body.

This is fantastic because the one thing that will make a major difference is the actual act of laughing. Whenever you smile, the brain observes the movement of the muscle and concludes the happiness takes place. It doesn’t matter whether you smile because you are truly happy or just pretending.

The best way to reduce depression and lower the rate of the heart also is by wearing a fake smile. More research is available to make you happy. During stressful conditions, smiling helps minimize body responses to stress and reduces heart rate; another study correlated smiling with reduced blood pressure, while another one indicates that smiling contributes to longevity.

Smile, its free treatment!

Smiling for your wellbeing is healthy

We prefer to think with a smile because of positive thoughts or stimuli, but your smile will potentially affect your depression and productivity as well. A smile also activates endorphins, which allows you to calm, raising your blood pressure, and boost your mood. Endorphins are the same molecules as you use to make you run, and contribute to so-called runner’s higher. Smile more without racing to get that far. This is so contagious to smile, that the benefits of your smile touch the people you communicate with outside your own body.

You can live better by smiling

If smiling will help to minimize overall tension and lower stress rates tend to prolong lifetime, then smiling extends lifespan, isn’t it? Yeah! Research has found that people who smile are considered more attractive, trustworthy, confident, and even more genuine by others. The frontal region, the area of your brain which processes the feeling of senses, is triggered by a smiling face. To effect, that means that anytime you see a smile your brain is pleased.

Enhances the health of the heart

Endorphin production increases the supply of blood by smiling. Increased HDL ( good cholesterol) levels in the body have been associated with laughing. Smiling also lowers fear factors (cortisol and adrenaline). Therefore, laughing and laughter will boost optimal heart health!

Control your blood pressure

The nerve cells are mainly needed to communicate through neuropeptides. Such neuropeptides trigger good chemicals (neurotransmitters) such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin from the brain. If you smile, these neurosenders are released into the bloodstream that not only calms the muscle but also facilitates cardiac and blood pressure control.


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