Dust testing using a Fiberglass filter Paper

Fiberglass filter Paper
Fiberglass filter Paper

In the textile industries, hotel industries, so much heat, pollution and dust particles were removed. To maintain the cleanliness, cotton filter paper, Fiberglass filter Bag is utilized in the application areas.

Due to the explosion activity on rocks, excessive amounts of particles are removed in the surrounding areas, the explosion activities not only polluted the area but also encountered breathing problems in the population areas.

Silica is also one of the dirt resources that encounters a negative impact on health and decreases the level of air quality.  Silica is removed from the natural elements. Due to the development and growth of factories, industries around the housing cities, humanity is suffering from health problems. 

The lack of proper management of industrial and constructional waste just decreases the quality of the environment and creates environmental issues, it affects the weather cycle.

The best thing to remove this problem is FTIR. Polyester Filter Cloth, Fiberglass filter Paper, etc. are the best options to remove the polluted particles.

The calibration curve, methods, and materials

The calibration curve is the best way to demonstrate the FTIR. Here we are practicing a method for Quartz, in which 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5% of quartz content is collected. To practice, the pellets and subsequent delusion Kbr is used. Nicolet-10 is a Thermo fisher scientific instrument that is an important tool for the FTIR analysis process.

For the further process, the heat temperature is set 800C. and two micro Fiberglass filter Paper will be placed on this temperature. Now, this fiber has to mix with the Kbr but in the fine particles as a mixture.

The basic purpose to install the air filter is to determine the air quality, few filter paper will be installed at a height of 3-10 meters. From the ground, near a thermal plant. You can easily find the silica particles in the urban areas dust that can be roaming in the surroundings with the airflow.

When you compare both areas filter paper dust the quantity of the silica will be more as compared to urban areas dust particles.

The environmental board authorities determine the air quality of the industrial areas, so to safeguard the industries from legal inquiries, the industrialist should comply with rules and install the filters like Fiberglass filter Paper, Fiberglass filter bag, Polyester filter bag, etc.

Here, a few elements have been used for the practical purpose; you can notice the quartz concentrations in different images.

Micro Fiber Glass air filter paper blank 0.81

Micro Fiber Glass air filter paper blank 0.41

Micro Fiber Glass air filter paper blank 1 0.18

Dust1 1.01

Here you will see standard FTIR quartz, dust sample(fig.3),  in the 5th & 6th fig.microfibre filer paper, etc.


Whenever the industries are installed in new locations/places one should take care of the filtration processes and materials. There are many Fiberglass filter Paper manufacturers in the market. That supplies the filtration bags, Cotton filter Paper, and other filter papers to maintain the cleanliness of industrial areas at affordable prices.


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