Lindsay Lohan Bio, Early Life, Career, Husband, Net Worth

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The Mean Girls hit maker Lindsay Lohan is one of the famous top 10 Hollywood actresses out there. In addition, she’s a mean girl herself in the real-life and is never far from controversies and troubles.

Along with delivering smashing blockbusters, she has also experienced highs and lows of the harsh entertainment industry and everything that comes with fame. Similarly, Lohan’s also a multi-talented individual and has established herself as an actress, singer, songwriter, model and an entrepreneur.

Above all, despite all that Lohan’s been through, she is still coming back in the game stronger and is a part of various booming projects. Today, let’s find out more about this awesome, eccentric and rebellious Hollywood diva.

Lindsay Lohan Bio & Early Life

Lindsay Dee Lohan was born in the famous boroughs of Bronx in New York, America. In addition, Lindsay grew up in the places called Merrick and Cold Spring harbor. 

Lohan’s parents are Dina and Michael Lohan. Both of Lohan’s parents are TV personalities themselves. In addition, her dad Michael also used to be a wall street trader. Plus he’s also someone who has got into trouble with the law many times. Similarly, Lindsay’s mom Dina used to be a singer and a dancer back in the day.

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Lindsay is also the senior among Michael and Dina’s four children and is of Irish and Italian backgrounds. Michael Jr., Aliana, and Dakota ‘Cody’ Lohan are her siblings respectively and they’re all in the entertainment industry as actors or models.

Beautiful Lindsay is also a natural redhead who was homeschooled after 11th grade. Before, Lohan went to the Cold Spring Harbor High and Sanford H. Calhoun High School for her studies and even did really well in mathematics and sciences. 

Lindsay Lohan Age & Height

Lohan’s birthday is on the 2nd of July and she was born on the year 1986. It seems like Lohan has been a face we have seen forever and despite all her accomplishments, she is still just a vibrant young woman of 34 years. Therefore, we are surely going to see a lot more of her as she’ll continue to entertain us in the coming years.  

This redheaded goddess has also been gifted with all the beauty there is in the world. With the gorgeous looks, jaw-dropping physique and a charming personality, Lohan has become a sweetheart in the hearts of all entertainment-industry fans and followers. She also has an adorable height of 1.65 meters which only adds to her allure and beauty.

Lindsay Lohan Husband & Relationships

Ever since breaking through as and a child actress, debuting as a child model at the age of three, and finding superstardom, Lohan has constantly been under the microscopes of cameras. Therefore, it is no wonder that she has been in relationships with other celebrities and all her relationships have been out in the public.

Samantha Ronson, Harry Morton, and Wilmer Valderrama are some are some high-profile celebs she’s been in a relationship with. Above all, Lohan was even engaged to millionaire Egor Tarabasov at one point.

However, they had a horrible and public split in 2017 and was a hot topic for all the tabloids and media at the time. In addition, Egor had even accused Lindsay of stealing a huge $24,000 worth of his belonging. Similarly, Lohan on the other hand, accused Egor of abusing him.

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Personal Life

Sadly, this beautiful girl has had a very turbulent personal life ever since her childhood days. Moreover, she came from a broken family and as the eldest child, was always in the middle of her parent’s conflicts. However, Lohan speaks highly of her family and loves them.

Also, the troublesome days followed Lohan while she was becoming a Hollywood star and delivering blockbusters. She got into all kinds of troubles which also highly faltered her career and could have achieved much more had not been for all the setbacks. Drug abuse, DUI’s, controversies, legal problems, etc. all rained upon her. But the most important thing is Lohan didn’t give up and is still focused on her goals.

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth

Lohan’s net worth is a very exciting one. There was a time when she was thought to have around $20-30 Million in her bank. However, with all the problems that she faced, Lindsay lost almost all her money.

Today Lindsay Lohan is believed to be worth at $800,000 to $1.5 Million dollars. She seems to be picking up by getting involved in many projects and we wish her all the best for future endeavors. 


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