Online safety during the COVID-19 lockdown

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Regardless of whether you are taking lockdown positively or you feel like it is groundhog day with no idea of what the day will look like or even planning to help your kids change their pajamas. Some people have made and eaten their body weight with banana bread. However, we need to cope with lockdown, and the majority of people do this by spending their time online. When we get ourselves to the online routine, we need to find out what our children like while online and talk with them about online safety. The digital space has made it possible for parents to be in constant touch and view the faces of friends and family members who are far away. Because of the digital space, we can work from home, and at times our kids appear in the background when we are on Zoom meetings. The digital space has made us feel that we are together when in the real sense, we are apart. Learn more about this topic on custom coursework help.

The nature of homeschooling during the lockdown

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the majority of the parents and guardians have been doing homeschooling. During this period, some parents and guardians have reported difficulty having their children leave their digital devices such as tablets and iPads. While staying at home, the online space has become our lifeline. We rely on the online space to home school our children and to do our work during these difficult times. It could have been challenging if the internet could not manage this difficult period in our time. In some families, one of the family members juggles full-time work while at home while the other partner might be working at the workplace but working online, or both of them might be working online. Some schools are good because they sent their student’s worksheets and access to the school’s online learning platform. Some parents have allowed their children to enjoy learning from the BBC Bitesize Daily that is available online. Educators have done well during this time with the design of online tools that have engaged our children and made their online presence productive and fun.

Virtual meetups

Children are enjoying their online presence daily, better than parents are. Because of the COVID-19, pandemic Zoom is part of our daily life. While our kids cannot go to school currently, the internet is enabling them to access learning, family, and friends. The majority of us have been on Facebook Messenger and Zoom speaking with friends and family members during the lockdown, and some have used Google Hangouts to attend work meetings. It feels good to see other people’s faces and even human interaction when we cannot step out of the house. Due to poor signal quality, the faces may look blurred, or sketch and the sound might be breaking out during the conversations.

Staying safe online

Every parent and guardian must have a candid talk with their children concerning their online lives and ensure that they are always safe while chatting and playing with their friends. It is equally important that parents and guardians check all the restrictions and parental control configured to the relevant age groups. As we stay home protecting our NHS and saving lives, it is also a better way to keep our kids safe from cyberbully and online predators.


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