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No Frills is a popular supermarket in Canada that offers groceries at considerably lower prices than other stores. It has been running for over three decades now with a vision to offer the best prices for products in the market so customers can save and have essentials to themselves without worrying to have spent a lot of money. 

According to a study, a person should spend 15% of his income on groceries. Many people find themselves spending much more than this still unable to fulfill their needs and save. If you are also looking for tips to lower your expenses or rather manage your Grocery expenses, this article is for you. 

Tips and tricks 

No Frill Flyers- No Frills store publishes flyers every wednesday displaying the prices of the products that you can save on. These are especially focussed on the products mostly demanded by the customers. The No Frills Flyers are published across all its stores. You can check the flyers and use them to have an idea of all the prices and hot deals for yourself. 

List your Grocery needs-  Always have a check on the products that you need to restock and things that are available in the fridge. Buy what you need and not just what you see at a lower price. No Frills provides Frozen food which helps you store it for a longer time and solves the wastage problem. Make a list of your required food and groceries. This will help you spend less on unnecessary stuff. 

PC Points- No Frills stores offer PC points to its customers who shop online from their site. You can also earn PC points on your transactions depending on your payment method. The Earned PC points can be then used anywhere to save yourself great money. At every 20000 PC points you get to redeem it for $20 on groceries. 

Price Match-  No Frills stores offer a price match for groceries, meaning they match with the lower price that the customer might be getting at other stores. The customer needs to show the original ad or flyer showing that price, and the store will match it with that. There are various ways stores use to price match:

  • Matching the exact lower price
  • Providing additional discount on the lower price
  • By providing extra promotions or rewards along with price match

Price matching helps the stores to retain their customer but allows you to save on things. It is always good to be alert while out on roads to catch any ads/flyers that might offer low prices on products. You can always check them with the No Frills Flyer and get going. 

Bring your bags- The shopping bags are charged at all No Frill stores, hence always have your shopping bag with you whenever going for grocery shopping. You may also get the products in cardboard boxes, however to be on the safer side, have your shopping bag handy or else you end up spending money on bags. 

Buy generic than branded- Grocery products are both generic and branded, the branded products cost relatively more because of the brand value. You may want to try out on non branded products as they are of the same quality at a lower price. At No Frills, you will find rnaded products at already cut costs but still higher than others. Try it. 

No Frill is famous for its flyers in all the stores. No Frills Flyers are available for each store but may differ in costs depending on the location for eg: No Frills flyer Edmonton will be different that of No Frills Flyers  at any other place. 

The guide will help you save on your groceries, you may plan other things with these savings. Saving money is a natural thing, we may refrain at first to buy things from stores that are non branded but eventually we understand that it is management of money  that helps us grow in all aspects of life. 


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