5 Vaping Trends for 2021

Vaping Trends

Each year new trends come up, showing which direction the market is likely to go and the vaping industry is no different. While 2020 has been a difficult year for most with many industries suffering huge hits, the vaping industry turned out quite okay in terms of vapes sales. And it seems the industry may continue having a good time as the popularity of vaping continues to grow. 

As we settle into a new year, let us take a look at some of the vape trends and vape news the industry has for us in 2021.

More People Opting for Pod Devices

There has been a growing popularity in the use of pod devices for vaping and this trend is likely to get bigger in 2021 with more people opting for pod devices. 

For the vaping novice, pod devices are a type of vape that uses a pod as an atomizer which is then attached to a small battery. The devices are small yet powerful and act as a bridge between the powerful mod devices and the sleek portability of the traditional e-cigarette. 

The pod device gives enough power to generate big clouds similar to mod devices without the bulkiness. Thus they are more flexible and portable hence their growing popularity.

The Rise in Popularity of Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts were a big hit in 2020 for new and old vapers alike and this trend shows signs of continuing strong in 2021. Since they become available in 2017, nicotine salts have established themselves as an effective way of delivering nicotine to users. Their growing popularity is likely due to their chemical structure. Since the salts are created by combining naturally occurring salts found in the tobacco leaf with acids like benzoic acids, it allows users to vape higher nicotine concentrations give a nicotine hit comparable to that of smoking an ordinary cigarette. It also offers a smoother hit on the throat. 

It is this factor that makes nicotine salts a perfect option for smokers that wish to quit. Due to the rising demand brands have even gone further in putting out different flavors and strengths of nicotine salts. It seems 2021 will definitely be the year of nicotine salts

The Growth of Online Vape Shops

Pre-Covid the most common way for vapers to get their devices and e-liquids was through vape shops. Traditional vape shop were the major option for most vapors with very actually opting to get the product. It allowed them to browse for new devices and new e-liquids to try as well as interact with other vapers and pass around information. 

Then the pandemic hit and due to the new social distancing new rules, and having to stay home, in-store visits become more challenging prompting more users to turn online to get their vaping products. 

This has encouraged more online vendors to begin setting up to take advantage of this growing market. Since social distancing rules do not look like they are about to stop anytime soon, the development of online vape shops is likely to get even stronger in 2021

The incorporation of Even Smaller Vape Devices.

It seems when it comes to vape devices, smaller is always better. This also trend that was going strong in 2020 and is set to continue into 2021. More people are showing a preference for smaller more discrete devices. As time goes by it seems vaporizers are getting smaller. Thus vaporizer manufactures are under pressure to create smaller vaporizers is set to meets users demands.

What most consumers want currently is tiny devices that are easily portable and discreet. Devices they can transport in their pockets with ease. Most vapers are beginning to move away from the larger bulkier vape devices. They do not want vaping devices that are in everyone’s face and easily noticeable rather they prefer smaller sleeker devices they can transport and use discreetly without other people even being aware. The growing popularity of vaping devices such as pod devices and Juul prove that more consumers prefer smaller sleeker designs

Thus in 2021 we are likely to see brands put out even smaller devices that are easily portable.

Disposable Vape Tanks

Disposable vape tanks have seen a rise in popularity due to their conveniency, ease of use, affordability and excellent performance. They are the perfect option for casual vapers and beginners as they are not that complicated and require no maintenance. Tank maintenance can be cumbersome. The slightest hit on your tank can cause damage to it making it unfit for use. Thus you have to get fixed. However with disposable tanks there is no need for this. Once your vape juice is over or your tank is damaged all you have to do is get another one. Furthermore these tanks are the perfect option for socializing occasions where you may not want to risk your vape tank. Thus disposable vape tanks offer you a more suitable option in case anything happens.


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