Lea Michele Deletes Her Twitter After Alleged Bullying Over the Disappearance of Naya Rivera

Lea Michele
Lea Michele

The Queen alum Glee and Scream disabled her on Saturday and didn’t say a thing about her Account. Though your Instagram account is still going, fans think she quit Twitter because she was supposedly harassing over the disappearance of Naya Rivera.

“They’re all f-king sick after people said, ‘It’s supposed to be you instead of Naya,’ one Twitter user said.

“Lea Michele disabled her twitter because she was chasing around Naya Rivera,” said another guy. Did she have a bad act in the past? Yes. She accepts it and wants to do better. She’s also pregnant. Will she have to skip Naya? No, I ‘m sure she is as disappointed as the other Glee team.”

Amber Riley spoke out after Lea had deactivated Twitter. Even though she didn’t mention anyone in her tweet, in particular, many assumed that Amber was posted as Lea.

“Make some respect. Our full commitment is to assist Naya in finding and praying for her safe and secure way back, “Amber wrote Sunday. Concentrate on her and Naya’s babies. Now we do not care.”

The Venture authorities in Sacramento, Calif. reported on Wednesday, 8 July that Naya was absent from the boat that was rented during the trip to Lake Piru following her four-year-old son. The 33-year-old actress is expected to be dead as of today. Law enforcement claims that it was a possible incident that drowned.

Capt. Eric Buschow said during a Friday press conference: “We don’t know if she’ll be found five or five minutes from now or five days from now,” The Naya quest continues to demonstrate to the police that “many tools” are used to locate it.

Naya’s co-star, Jenna Ushkowitz, Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet, and many others, spoke about her disappearance. At present, Lea had not spoken publicly on Naya, which may also have been one of the reasons for her reportedly being threatened on Twitter.

Throughout the rocky history of Lea and Naya, they appear in April to be in good condition. Naya said, ‘Aww congrats, I like this. You’ll be a good mummy.’ After showing her growing sickle.

Moreover, a month after Lea was supposedly removed from social media, Lea ‘s Twitter disabled comes. In June, she was accused of making the former co-star, Glee a “living nightmare.”

Lea gave an explanation on Instagram following the allegations.

“One of the key lessons of recent weeks has been that we must take the time to hear from and reflect on other people’s experiences and the role and on everything that we can do to help resolve their injustices.”

He said that her comments online “are clearly aimed at how I viewed my own actions towards cast colleagues.”

“I apologize for the actions and for any pain which I have caused, irrespective of whether it was my privileged role or experience that made me at times perceived to be insensitive or inappropriate or my immaturity and me to be unnecessarily difficult.” “We can all evolve and improve, and I’ve certainly used my own weaknesses in the past few months.”

Finally, Lea clarified that she needs her child’s “true” and “role model,” using this learning experience.

“I have been a mother for a couple of months, and I know I will keep working in order to change and take care of my acts so that my child can be a true role model and so that my lesson and mistakes can be reflected on and so that they can learn from me,” Lea said. “I have heard these critiques, I know and, while I am very sorry, from this experience I will be stronger in the future.”

The apology of Lea remains her last upload of Instagram. In June, she returned to Instagram Stories, posting an outdoor video of herself.


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