Are Parks and Playgrounds Safe? | Submit A Personal Injury Claim

Playgrounds Safe

Parks and playgrounds are one of the most convenient places to enjoy some leisure time with your family. All public and private parks follow a standard operating procedure, which requires them to care for the safety interests of their visitors. However, if the safety measures are not followed, parks and playgrounds can become extremely dangerous for your children.

In the past, there have been many incidents which have compromised the safety of children, and adults, due to their lack of maintenance. If you have been a victim of personal injury in public or private parks, you can consult Aberdeen solicitors to submit a personal injury claim. 

What Are Some Examples of Negligent Acts In Parks and Playground?

There are several problems and injuries that can take place in a park or playground, the cause of which can be attributed to the negligence of the institution. The following includes some examples. 


Although the ban of social interaction has been lifted, the threat of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has not been entirely demolished. Even though the government has allowed the parks to re-open, certain rules and regulations have been assigned to ensure that the threat does not become a reality. For instance, all parks and playgrounds are required to impose rules for the visitors to follow the 2-meter social distancing rule. Additionally, all public places are required to restrict the entry of visitors who fail to cover their face with a mask. Moreover, parks and other recreational centres are further recommended to add a handwashing station, so all individuals can take care of their safety need. With that said, making a claim for personal injury due to COVID-19 would not build a strong case, if you do not have any tangible evidence that the park is responsible for the positive results.  

Unsafe Swingsets

Another incident for which you can submit a personal injury claim is if your child suffers harm due to the installation of dated and unsafe equipment. It is imperative for the playground to regularly maintain their equipment to ensure that the safety standards are up to date. You can submit a claim by getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer, who can handle the legalities of the case on your behalf. 

Lack of maintenance 

Another factor that can lead to injuries is the lack of maintenance in the park itself. Some of the common accidents include falling off of a bike, due to the presence of potholes in the paths, as well as the presence of sharp metal in the grass or the playground. Parks and playgrounds are required to certify the health and safety of visitors by maintaining a clean and well-maintained environment.  

Faults in roller coasters in theme parks 

Some of the most severe injuries are caused due to the failure of mechanical rides, such as roller coasters. For instance, a recent theme park accident took place in June 2015, when a roller coaster crashed in Alton Towers. Investigation revealed that the incident resulted from a human error, as the operator switched to manual override without following the proper procedures.  The crash led to severe injuries, including the amputation of two visitors. 

In such scenarios, you can easily make a personal compensation claim, with a high chance of winning. 

Can You Submit A Personal Injury Claim?

If you were seriously injured in the premises of a park and playground, and you have credible evidence that highlights the negligence of the institution, you can schedule a meeting with a personal injury solicitor. There are several solicitors that offer free consultations and provide their services under the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which is otherwise known as the No Win No Fee service. This way, you would not lose any money in the process of pursuing a legal case. 

To submit a claim, you can meet up with the solicitor and provide them with all the relevant information about the claim. Moreover, if you have any additional evidence to support the claim, such as medical records or the CCTV footage, you can provide it to the solicitor, who can use it to support the claim. 

What Type of Compensation Would You Be Rewarded? 

Typically, personal injury claims cover the cost of your medical treatments, along with other issues that you may face following the injury. If you or your child were injured in the park, you can expect compensation settlement in the following areas: 

  • Coverage of medical costs 
  • Coverage of psychological trauma
  • Fatal accidents claim (in case the injury resulted in death)
  • Coverage of financial loss (if the injury results in you missing work)
  • Coverage of home accommodations (if the injury requires you to add accommodating features in your home).

How to Avoid Injuries In the Parks

While the lack of maintenance is the fault of the institution, you can also take some measures to keep yourself, and your children protected from suffering any serious injuries. Here are a few initiatives you can take when you visit the park.

Protection from COVID-19 

To keep yourself protected against COVID-19, you can follow the government’s requirements, such as wearing a face mask and maintaining the social distancing protocols. Additionally, the practice of frequent handwashing can further protect you from harm’s way.

Test the swings before sitting on them 

If a swing set is in a vulnerable condition, you can prevent your children from using them. Moreover, you can talk to the relevant authorities at the park to request the maintenance of the swingsets and other related equipment. 

Wear helmets, kneepads and elbow pads while riding a bicycle 

To protect yourself from the bicycle-related injuries, you can shield the sensitive areas of your body by wearing the required protective gear. This way, even if you lose balance and fall, the injuries would not be that severe.

All in all, you can make a personal injury compensation claim to get coverage for the injuries that are caused by the negligence of the authority operating the parks and playgrounds.


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