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So you’re in the market for a call-tracking software solution? Lucky for you, the blog has compiled a comprehensive list of the ten best call-tracking software solutions available today. Each of these solutions offers a unique set of features and benefits, so it’s essential to research and find the one that’s right for your business. But don’t worry; the blog is here to help. It will introduce you to the basics of call tracking and walk you through the features of each of the ten solutions on the list. By the end, you’ll be ready to choose the right call-tracking software by https://calltracking.reviews/ for your business and start seeing accurate results.

1- CallRail Call Tracking

Leading the pack is CallRail, which offers an impressive set of features and integrations to help you get the most out of your call tracking. You can start by tracking phone calls from your website, then add integrations for Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more; it lets you see which marketing channels generate the most leads and sales. CallRail also offers powerful reporting features, so you can see how many calls each of your marketing channels are generating and even drill down to see the call recordings and transcripts for each one.

2- WhatConverts

WhatConverts is a comprehensive call-tracking software that offers call recording, analysis, and conversion-tracking features. It integrates with various third-party platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and HubSpot, which means you can track your marketing efforts across all channels and get a complete view of your customer’s journey.

3- Phonexa

Phonexa is one of the best call-tracking software solutions for businesses. It offers robust features and functionality, as well as excellent customer service. With Phonexa, you can track your phone calls, map your leads and track marketing campaigns.

4- Salesken

Salesken is an AI-powered call-tracking software solution designed to help you automate and optimize your sales process. With Salesken, you can record and analyze calls in real-time, measure performance metrics, get intelligent insights into customer conversations, and more. Salesken is powered by machine learning and natural language processing technology to provide actionable intelligence on every call. It helps you track call performance data, sentiment analysis, caller intent, and other helpful analytics to improve customer experience.

5- CallTrackingMetrics

When it comes to call-tracking software, CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) is a great choice. CTM is an all-in-one call tracking, analytics, and optimization platform that helps businesses monitor and optimize their inbound calls. CTM’s call tracking features help businesses gain insights into where their calls are coming from, what kind of campaigns their customers are responding to, and which keywords drive the most calls. Additionally, CTM gives you real-time data so you can track the performance of your campaigns in near real-time. Moreover, CTM’s analytics dashboard makes it easy to quickly analyze and decide based on that data. And CTM even offers its feature called “next best action,” which automatically identifies the best actions you can take to improve your customer experience.

6- Revenue.io

Revenue.io is a cloud-based call tracking and analytics software with everything you need to understand, measure, and improve your call centre performance. It gives you real-time insights into your business with detailed reports and dashboards that help you visualize your data. Revenue.io offers a range of features, including caller number recognition (CNR), automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), custom routing and reporting, automated call recordings, customer satisfaction surveys, and more. It also allows you to track the source of incoming calls to get an idea of how your marketing strategies are working. What’s excellent about Revenue.io is that it’s designed to be easy to use—even for those new to Call-tracking software—and affordable too!

7- 800. com

Another excellent call-tracking software solution you should consider is 800. com. It offers powerful analytics, custom reporting, unlimited user setup and automated call routing, among other features.

With 800.com, you can route your calls to the best-suited person in just a few clicks. You can also monitor conversations in real-time, provide feedback and take action when needed. It also has a powerful analytics component that lets you track performance over time to spot trends and identify opportunities for improvement.

800.com offers a mobile app for quick access to your live call data; it is particularly useful if you’re working from multiple locations or need to be able to access your calls quickly in different settings.

8- Invoca

Invoca is a powerful call-tracking software that helps you keep track of your phone conversations and optimize them. It features insights into which channels are leading to calls through filterable breakdowns and can even help your team measure the performance of campaigns.

You can also set up automated alerts based on criteria like call times and outcomes and integrate other systems like CRMs, marketing automation tools, web analytics and sales tools for more comprehensive reporting.

Invoca also has advanced analytics capabilities, making it easy to identify what’s working in campaigns and helping you make more informed decisions about future campaign investments. It also supports a variety of integrations with top services like Salesforce, Marketo and Adobe Analytics.

9- Marchex

For an all-in-one, multi-channel call tracking solution, Marchex hits the mark. It tracks calls from multiple sources, such as search engine ads, social media campaigns and your website. Plus, it’s powered by AI to give you detailed analytics to understand better how customers found your business and interacted with you throughout their journey. Marchex provides features like call scoring and attribution reports so that you can track the effectiveness of different channels and score your team’s performance on each call.

You can also automate scheduling, accept payments over the phone, and use keywords to find conversations in your database quickly. Marchex is also very user-friendly and has a modern dashboard interface that makes it easy to navigate.

10- Infinity Call Tracking

The last call-tracking software solution is Infinity Call Tracking. This solution allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns through detailed reporting and analytics. You can also see how long callers stayed on the line, how many calls were answered, and how many were transferred or disconnected.

Infinity Call Tracking allows you to customize phone numbers quickly and dynamically rotate them, so you know exactly where each call came from and what happened. Its advanced call routing system can direct customers to the best agent for their issues, keeping your customer service top-notch without driving up costs.


When it comes to call-tracking software, the options can be overwhelming. But don’t worry; the blog has narrowed it down to your ten best options. Just look and see which would work best for your business.


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