How to Become a Wholesale CBD Flower Partner


The entrepreneurial world is evolving every day with new products and programs. If you have a small physical outlet or online business that sells health products, you may want to consider trying the wholesale CBD flower program from a reliable producer or seller. This involves buying hemp flower in bulk and selling it to your customers over time before ordering another batch.

The benefits associated with such a program are numerous, but they vary from one company to another. If you are wondering how you can join, then this article is for you. 

Choosing an Appropriate Wholesale CBD Flower Partner

As mentioned, there are many branded hemp cultivars and manufacturers who are willing to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs for a wholesale CBD flower program. All you need is to choose the appropriate company to work with. Consider the following when choosing one.

  • The brand name – Big brands that are already known are the best to buy industrial hemp flowers from. Their branded products are highly trusted by users, and it will be easy to sell them. For instance, you do not need to put in a lot of effort to market high-quality CBD products from Cannaflower because they are widely known. 
  • Variety of products – Choose a company that offers many hemp products such as different strains of whole hemp flower buds, pre-rolls, CBD oils, tinctures, and many others. This makes the wholesale CBD flower program fun and rewarding to run and operate. 
  • The cost of products – The best wholesale CBD flower program is one that offers cheap CBD flower products. This will make it possible for you to sell to your clients and order more within no time. 

Register for the Wholesale CBD Flower Program

Now that you have chosen a wholesale CBD flower program of your choice, register for the program on their official website or through any other acceptable option. The process of registering differs from one company to another.

For instance, Cannaflower requires you to ask for a wholesale program catalog, and then you will be called by a representative to discuss your needs. Thereafter, you can order wholesale hemp buds and products to sell.

Others may require you to share your contact information through an online form, get approved, and make an order. Be wary of the minimum bulk order requirements and make sure this is within your budget. 

Buying in Wholesale

Once you are all set, you will be required to make your first order. When making it, you might not be sure of what you need exactly. It is recommended that you start with the minimum order for all the different hemp products you need and increase the quantity with subsequent orders. 

Another important thing to consider is the time it takes to ship your bulk hemp flower products to your destination. A good plan will ensure that you have products in your shop at all times. 


Most wholesale CBD flower programs are very rewarding. These benefits include fast ROI and growing your customer base, especially when you choose ultra-premium products from a known brand. With the above tips, it is easy to become a partner and enjoy high profits.


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