LumBuy- Your Go to E-store


LumBuy is an E-store with a variety of products of every category. It only has the popular, verified, and merchandized products of the latest designs. LumBuy contains advanced-level gadgets and electronic appliances. The impressive range of kitchen and home appliances aids you at home décor. 


LumBuy has the quickest customer service answering after every while to the queries of the customers. The team members patiently listen to the issues and swiftly come up with a solution. Now and then, LumBuy offers the best-discounted deals on new arrivals. 

All Products Are At the Ease of Your Doorstep

The best part of LumBuy is that you have a variety of products in a single store and you just need to place an order. Every item you order, either small or large, is a click away from your doorstep. Delicate items are difficult to handle and in LumBuy these items are taken in loaders with intense care along with the trained staff. You need not go to different stores for different items; instead, you can find every item at LumBuy and deliver it home. 

All Categories Available

LumBuy has products of all the categories that are enough for your house. You don’t need to visit different e-stores to purchase different items. You will find every category under a single domain, LumBuy. From kitchen to garden and sports to computer technology, all items are available on LumBuy. You can buy items for your baby or you can purchase necessary household items. All are available under one single platform at the best rates. 

Premium Quality Products 

LumBuy has a wide range of products yet not a single one is of poor or low-standard quality. It never compromises on its standards. LumBuy has a strict policy that it purchases the stock only from trustworthy and verified merchants and even then, the administrators keep an eye on the product response by the customers. So every item speaks for its quality. 

Strict Supplier Policy 

LumBuy has a list of customers that purchase from their store frequently. This is an indication of trust and satisfaction that is a verification of the quality maintenance of a company. This is because LumBuy has a strict supplier policy that allows only verified marketers and merchants to come forward and sell their products. Even out of verified suppliers, if LumBuy receives complain about any one of them, it immediately warns the supplier as customer satisfaction is above all. 

Return Policy 

LumBuy has a very appropriate and easy return policy. If in case a person receives a wrong or damaged item then he should immediately apply for a refund within 7 days. For that purpose, he needs to pack up the item and it should be in unused condition; otherwise, a refund request wouldn’t be considered. Register complain and once that is acknowledged, leave the parcel at the nearest post office. The refund would be initiated within 5 working days and you can leave a complaint at the complaint box.


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