Hostels – Are They Worth Using?

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Have you ever stayed in a hostel during travel? Would you like to try it the next time you take a trip? For those who don’t know, a hostel is an economical accommodation facility shared among different travellers. Unlike a hotel, a hostel offers a space to sleep, not a whole room. Space typically has a bed only and is shared among several people. Staying in a hostel can be as exciting and lively as playing mucha mayana automat. If you have ever lived in a dormitory, you know that bathrooms are shared. They have a row of sinks and many shower stalls. Each floor of a hostel will have one bathroom or two, utmost.

Why Should You Bother Sleeping at a Hostel?

People who choose hostels will mainly do so because of the following benefits.

  • Low cost

Hostels are cheaper than hotel rooms, and that’s a fact. While prices vary from hostel to hostel, and by country, they will always be low when compared to what hotels charge. You can also get cheapest neighborhoods in Manhattan if you are looking for best option in reasonable price.

  • Hostels are readily available

No matter where you travel to today, you will find a hostel to live in. There are affordable hostels in every major city across the globe. They are particularly common in European cities.  

  • Most hostels also offer a kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped and is there for any visitor who would like to cook their food to save cash. 

  • Some hostels serve breakfast

You don’t have to eat breakfast outside if you book a space in some hostels in major world cities. A lot of them serve breakfast, although not anything classy. If you have a particular thing you want to eat for breakfast, you can skip the one served by your hostel. 

  • You can meet and socialize with different people

Meeting new people is one of those things that make travelling enjoyable. Hostels can offer you an opportunity to make friends with people you have never seen before.  As you will be like twenty people sharing a space, you can socialize and learn something fresh from each other.

  • Some hostels have recreation activities

Having fun is a significant goal people have when travelling. Recognizing this fact, some hostels have recreation facilities for their visitors, including a nightclub.

  • Hostels are generally safe 

Do not worry about your safety so much when staying in a hostel. If you pick your hostel carefully, you will enjoy full security during your stay. Some hostels have strong safety policies and offer things like safes to help you lock up your things. 

What Are the Cons of Staying at a Hostel?

The following is a list of disadvantages of choosing a hostel:

  • Living space is shared, and that eliminates privacy. In some manner, roommates may bother you when you want to sleep.
  • Bathrooms are shared spaces, and if you want to avoid being late, you have to get inside first.
  • There is no adequate room service as with hotels. If you come in late and don’t have your room key, you might as well sleep outside.
  • Some have strict curfew rules. If you arrive later than allowed, you may as well find another place to sleep. 
  • Risk of losing your things. Some hostels don’t have enough security, such as offering a locker or a safe with a unique key. Besides, some hostels are located a bit far from the city where there are not enough street lights or many houses. So you might feel unsafe at night. 
  • The overall state of a hostel can be bad as most hostels are located in old buildings that may not be adequately maintained. 

Are Hostels Worth Living in?

So far, you know the advantages and disadvantages of staying at a hostel. It is upon you to decide if you can choose it. However, if you are travelling on a small budget, you may not have a better accommodation choice than a hostel.


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