5 Best Birthday Party Surprise Ideas

What are some of the events that you always look up to every year? Every humankind values the special events that come once a year in their lifetime and among them are birthdays. Everyone has that specific date when they celebrate when they were born. Some prefer celebrating on the D-day while others do it on weekends or the subsequent day, depending on their schedules.

The bottom line is that they celebrate a special event. One common thing about such events is that they are never celebrated alone. Family members and friends from all corners always come together to celebrate the great day.

Naturally, such events are never interesting when surprises do not spice them up. Some friends bring along unique gifts. Others prefer organizing surprises and other amazing activities. If you are that friend who plans to attend an upcoming birthday event, these special surprise tips by our expert Daniel Bennet (check his profile) will help you.

1. Send your wishes over the airwaves

How would you feel when you hear your name being mentioned by the presenters on your way to work or at home doing the chores? It’s something sweet and nice. That’s how it sounds to the other people when you send them birthday wishes over the airwaves.

But you must be certain about their favourite station to make the surprise work. If they miss hearing it, their friends will listen to it and will inform them about it. If the presenters are more accommodating, go ahead and dedicate a song for them. Also, request to have them called on the phone to make it an actual surprise. That will make their day and their listening more interesting.

2. Hold a casino party

Do you know that online gaming is another way of making a special occasion memorable? It sounds weird, but it’s practicable in Canada. Imagine winning some cash on your birthday. It’s a great way to keep going after the birthday. You can plan a special party where you will enjoy with loved ones. 

Playing online casino games is convenient in Canada on that special day provided you have the right gaming device, getting started is easier. Also, using the opportunity to show your friend how to win when playing online games will be a great way to make them remember the day. It’s one of the recommended birthday surprise ideas during lockdown.

3. Plan for office deliveries

No one indeed chooses when to be born. If it were that way, everyone would have chosen the days they are free. The majority would have picked on the weekends as their best days for the occasions.

But since that is not the case, people have to organize how to make the event memorable despite the venue. For instance, if your friend’s birthday date coincides with the date, they are at work, getting a cab to deliver a special gift will be a great step.

Don’t let the day pass because they are work. They have the opportunity of enjoying the day, even at work. Get them some balloons and chocolate. Also, don’t forget about a branded birthday cake that they will cut together with their colleague. It’s a special way of making their day memorable.

4. Book a flight and fly together

Don’t just organize a birthday for the sake of it. Plan on everything prior if possible and be within your budget. But one thing you should focus on when looking for surprise birthday ideas for her is quality and not quantity. Most people believe that their friends will be happy about the number of gifts, which is not always the case.

Among the unique but unexpected birthday surprise to consider is booking a flight to the island or a city where you will spend time alone enjoying the cool air. When doing that, ensure that it does not conflict with the pending work at the office. The idea works best for birthdays that happen during the holidays or weekends.

5. Draft a surprise message for them

As much as it sounds obvious, it works magic to many people. Waking up to a great birthday message in your inbox is magical. Sending your friend or partner such messages costs little. 

It’s among the simple birthday surprise ideas for best friend. You only need to be selective in your vocabulary. Use words that will make them emotional and remember the message throughout the day.

The above are some practical ideas for that birthday surprise that you can try today. 

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