Growing safety concerns has led to an increase in the use of face recognition based security systems

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COVID-19 requires new approaches to provide a safer environment for employees. Things are slowly getting back to normal. The time has come for us to accept the current situation and take the relevant precautions. A biometric scanner involves direct contact with the security systems, so it does not provide the safest means of recognition considering that the deadly virus is spreading across the world. Face recognition systems offer a more feasible and reliable solution for taking attendance. Though the Contactless facial recognition attendance system may sound somewhat new to people, it is not an entirely new concept. It has been used widely by the Governments of Australia and the US for security purposes. Now with the ongoing crisis, the need for the contactless based security system is proving to be crucial.

What is Face Recognition?

Face recognition employee software is based on recognizing faces based on the distance between eyes, nose, and other facial aspects. Depending on the facial characteristics, a facial signature is developed, and it is used for reference to verify people’s images. One of the common fields that we see face recognition systems are mobile phones, where it is used to scan users’ faces for unlocking.

Challenges encountered during recognition

Face mask: The main problem faced by facial recognition attendance systems is that these systems were developed to detect faces without masks. Now that face masks have become mandatory; some facial recognition systems are failing to provide accurate results. 

With the increase in the use of technology, there is a solution to every problem faced. NIST study uses a face recognition system that uses a superimposing mask over people’s faces and trains the Artificial Intelligence engine based on it. As the system uses a training set based on the mask, they are ready for any situation related to it. The US-based company provides customers with their faces printed masks to unlock smartphones without any hassles.

Training with datasets:  One other challenge faced by the face recognition systems is that it shows a delay in recognizing the faces. The simple solution to this issue would be to train the system with ample faces so that it can learn to distinguish between others at the same time to identify faces more effectively.  

The system must be trained to identify people irrespective of their appearance. For instance, a person may have gotten a scar due to an accident, that should not come in the way of providing accurate results. So factors like Ageing, plastic surgery, cosmetics have to be taken into consideration while developing the system. 

Reasons for deploying a face recognition system 

With the improvement in the advancement of technology, every new system turns out to be far better and efficient than the existing ones. This has become one of the main reasons to adopt the face recognition attendance software solutions. They are faster in providing accurate results to the customers. Here are some of the benefits face recognition systems offer to the corporate environment:

Contactless system: It is better to avoid frequently contacted places. With the biometric scanner, such as a fingerprint-based recognition system, people cannot be completely sure if it’s safe. On the other hand, face recognition based employee tracking software provides a more safe medium to provide attendance. 

All people need to do is stand in front of the system. Then, their ID will be matched against the existing system. The matched results are displayed in the system, so they can check if it’s accurate for themselves. Analysis results show that the system provides almost cent percent accurate results. Organizations are adopting this system as a preventive measure to contain the virus spread. 

Compatible: The perception among people is that being the technologically advanced system it might be expensive and complex to deploy. On the contrary, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become common in most of the sectors so that they are not as expensive as people tend to imagine. Also, this face recognition attendance software solution can be used in smartphones and tablets. Most of the companies have shifted to the ‘work from home’ environment and employers can manage their employees effectively through these systems.


Precautionary upgradations: Most of the governments worldwide are prepared for the ‘new normal.’ The need for precautions is more than ever before. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus is active in closed environments. The probability of virus contraction is high in work environments. So, necessary precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of employees. 

Employees’ attendance system is capable of verifying facemasks, checking body temperature using thermal scanners. Hygiene measures are proving to be equally important, so the systems are upgraded to also act as automatic hand sanitizer dispensaries. 

Increased productivity: The employers will know about the whereabouts of the employees at all times. The system has specialized features such as time monitoring, project assignments, and screen monitoring for work from home environment. The time attendance software facilitates an amazing productivity management system for employers. 

Security enhanced systems:  It is nearly impossible to reciprocate the system based on facial recognition. Companies can not only keep track of employees but also visitors through the system. According to, by 2021, the US’s top 20 airports will completely use the facial recognition system for passport and identity verification. 

The face recognition employee software is also capable of detecting social distancing. The system uses the occupancy sensor to detect empty areas. For example, it can be deployed in the corporate networks to verify employees’ work from their seats and check whether they abide by social distancing in the canteen and other common areas. 


There are numerous benefits associated with the employee contactless attendance system. At present, there is a need for contactless systems to provide safe working environments. There is no other tech that is as effective as the facial recognition system. Even governments worldwide trust these systems and have employed it in public places like airports, railway stations, etc. Corporates can offer a safe and hygienic environment for their employees through the contactless attendance system.


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