10 Key Advantages of Shipping a Car by Road

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Planes, trains, and automobiles. 

Nope, we’re not talking about the 1987 comedy starring Steve Martin and John Candy. We’re referring to the different types of car transport options available today. Of course, for a truly comprehensive list, we need to add ships and tractor-trailers to the mix. What’s our point? You have plenty of options when it comes to moving a car from one destination to the next. That said, these options are not all created equal. What’s your best option? For various reasons, shipping a car by road with a service such as direct express auto transport. Let’s explore ten reasons why.

1. Affordability

What’s one of the most compelling reasons to stick with the road when it comes to auto transport? You can save A LOT of money. Of course, we’re not talking about the automobile car dolly option here. After all, that comes with gas, lodging, food expenses, and unquantifiable amounts of lost time. Nope, we’re talking about going with a professional car shipping company.

What should you expect in terms of vehicle shipping cost? Competitive companies can move a vehicle for about $1 per mile for the first 500 miles. (This figure decreases as the trip mileage increases, reaching a savings of $0.40 at 2,500 miles.) 

2. Time Savings

Not only is the vehicle shipping cost right, but a fantastic company will save you vast amounts of time. How? By handling all of the necessary arrangements to get your car moved.  And since you no longer have to factor in driving across the country, you can travel to your new location in the way most convenient to you and your family. 

3. Professionalism 

There’s nothing worse than trying to tow a car yourself only to find out you don’t have the expertise to hook it up. Or, to find yourself in a bad situation trying to back it up. (With a tow dolly, this is nearly impossible.) When you work with professional vehicle shipping companies, you never have to sweat the stuff you’re not used to dealing with. Instead, you can rely on their expertise and professionalism to get your car where it needs to go effortlessly. The delivery drivers are extremely professional with deep knowledge of their job and responsibilities. In fact, it is a highly lucrative career with high payout. If you want to be your own boss, consider it.

4. Trusted Guidance

With vehicle shipping, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with turning your car over to knowledgeable employees familiar with the regulations and rules associated with auto transport. Employees can also guide you through the process, providing you with the knowledge you need each step of the way. They can advise you about everything from insurance coverage to the documentation necessary to complete your transaction. 

5. Peace of Mind

The points above bring us to another reason so many people opt to transport their car using auto transport. Working with a great company that puts customers first will provide you with tremendous peace of mind. After all, moving is stressful enough. You don’t need to add DIY car hauling to your to-do list. When you rely on direct express auto transport, you can focus on other priorities, such as dealing with movers. 

6. Insurance Coverage

The best vehicle shipping companies provide insurance coverage for the vehicles they transport. What does this insurance look like? Most car shipping companies hold policies in the following amounts:

$250,000 per incident

$1,000,000 combined single limit

These policies cover damage to your car due to errors or the driver’s negligence in transit. Beyond that, contracts vary. Some stipulate that the owner’s home insurance or auto insurance is primary. So, you should read your contract carefully. After reviewing the insurance policy of the company you’ve chosen to work with, you may wish to purchase a supplemental policy. A customer-centric direct express auto transport company can help you with this, too.

7. Competitive Rates

There are far fewer car moving companies that specialize in air travel. This scarcity is one of many reasons you’ll pay an arm and a leg to have your vehicle flown to a new destination. Fortunately, there are plenty of car shipping companies out there. While they’re not all created equal, the best ones offer highly competitive rates. They do this not only because they have a well-established and expansive network of drivers and routes but also because they make so many trips each year. In other words, it’s possible to find excellent rates and deals because of the competition that exists among them.  

8. Flexibility

For the reasons outlined above, the biggest auto transport companies also offer a high level of flexibility. They do this not only in terms of scheduling but also in payment options. 

9. Pick Up and Drop Off

One of the best things about direct auto (a.k.a. door-to-door) shipping is that drivers come as close to your pickup and dropoff locations as possible. Due to the size of the driver’s truck, you may need to meet at the nearest parking lot to your house. Nevertheless, your car will be brought within a few miles (or less) of each residence. Now, how’s that for convenience? 

10. Ability to Move Multiple Vehicles

Do you have multiple vehicles to move to a new location? If so, you’re far from alone. The average American household has two cars. What’s more, if you’ve got a young driver in the mix, a classic car you’re fixing up and a parts car, then moving will feel like a nightmare. 

That is, unless you enlist the services of a car shipping company to help you with all of these automobiles. Sure, you’ll pay a bit more for the non-running vehicles, but think about how convenient it will be to have all of your cars on one transport.  

Why You Need Direct Express Auto Transport  

You’ve got endless options when it comes to auto shipping. One of the more eclectic options is airplane shipping. But you’ll pay through the nose for this service. To get the most for your money, trust the experts at an experienced direct express auto transport company. This decision will save you time, money, and stress. 

Interested in more ways to economize while making life easier? Check out our blog for more useful life hacks. 


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