5 Ways to Use Visa Gift Cards Like a Pro


The holidays are soon arriving. If you expect to get plenty of visa gift cards from family and friends, you need to use them wisely. Otherwise, you will only waste the value of the cards. 

Fortunately, plenty of retailers allow you to use your gift cards for a longer time. They also eliminated the fees that diminish the card’s value. However, if you want to get the most out of all the gift cards you received, you need to practice these tips. 

1: Keep the Card Safe

Once you receive visa gift cards, you must ensure that you keep them in a safe and protected place. It means you must stash it in a specific envelope meant specifically for visa gift cards. You may also put it in your wallet together with your credit cards. 

According to experts, you must avoid leaving these cards on your desk at work or in your office. It may be at risk of being stolen by another person or getting misplaced. So keep these cards where you can see them faster.

2: Use Up All the Value

Experts suggest spending the visa gift card on items that come with a bigger price tag than the value of your card. It will ensure that you will use up all the amount intended for spending. 

Plenty of shoppers forget to redeem their gift cards to their full value. But if you pay for an $8 bag using a $10 gift card, the remaining $2 value will go to waste. 

3: Read the Fine Print 

You may still worry about the expiration dates of the gift cards you received during the previous holidays. 

Fortunately, the latest Australian Consumer Law requires a mandatory three years expiration period for every gift card. The period will start from the day the retailer sold it to a customer. However, businesses are allowed to extend the card’s expiration period beyond three years. Yet, it is important to check the card’s fine print to ensure that you use it properly.  

4: Use Your Gift Cards To Pay For Necessities 

You may be tempted to buy a pair of luxury sneakers or the latest video game console using your gift cards. But while these gift cards may be considered free money, financial experts recommend that you not use them for just about anything. 

Gift cards are useful, especially during a difficult economy. For example, you can make grocery purchases at the supermarket using gift cards from your loved ones. It can also help you pay for gas or other essentials. 

5: Trade With Friends 

If you have an exclusive gift card from a store that you do not like, you can look for someone to use that card. Ask your friends, family, or colleagues if they wish to trade the card for cash or other gift cards for a brand you like. 

By doing this, you will avoid wasting the value of the card. You only need to remember the person who gave you that card to avoid sending them the offer since it may offend them and hurt their feelings.  

Using visa gift cards that you received over the holidays will let you shop and pay for services without spending any amount. You may also buy gifts for others using the cards that you get. 


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