Rings are essential accessories for all genders and have several trends dedicated to them and their designs. Rings trends usually have two sub-divisions, one for precious jewellery and one for fashion accessory rings. The precious jewellery range includes rings made of precious metals and rare gems like diamonds with a platinum band. 

Fashion accessory rings are regular rings from commercial and designer fashion brands like layer rings or a silver signet ring. Ring trends change alongside clothing trends, but they don’t necessarily influence each other. This season, ring trends break away from conventional designs and concepts for a more creative and unique piece.


The rings in these trends usually focus on engagement rings as they are the bestsellers of the precious rings section in any showroom. Engagement rings influence the latest and future fads for these rings.

The Blue Stone Ring

Traditional engagement rings have diamonds and a precious metal band, but today’s brides and grooms are open to experimentation with other gems. Blue gems like sapphires are taking centre stage, but other precious stones like emeralds, topaz, rubies, etc., are also coming to the forefront. Coloured engagement rings are trending on social media, thanks to influencers, and are a global fad.

The Band

The ring’s band was usually the most ignored part of the ring unless it had an inscription, but rings today divert focus to the uniquely designed bands rather than the gems in the ring. Jewellery designers proved their mettle with the new designs this season; double-banded rings, statement bands, layered bands, etc., the ring band’s design underwent a creative evolution. Another popular piece in this trend is a ring with square-shaped gems forming the band, also known as halo rings; they are the hottest picks for engagement rings.


The accessory ring has various trends depending on the style. For example, boho trend followers will still wear layered rings though they may not be a global trend.

The Promise Ring

People who follow ring trends or are active on social media will be aware of the latest promise ring trend. The promise ring usually comes in semi-precious metals and gems and signifies a promise. The promise ring essentially is a sign of commitment from the couple to stay together. 

This ring is not an engagement ring but is usually the previous step. Promise rings have a personal significance for the couple, for example, a slim ring with a sunflower design. Or the ring could also have an inscription, but each promise ring is just as unique as the couple.

Silver Signet Rings

A signet ring is probably one of the oldest ring designs, as it usually sports a family crest or similar designs. These rings don’t have a stone setting, but they have a flat head where people can engrave an image or a quote. The flat face of the ring is where the stone usually is in the middle and is the focal point of the piece. 

Today, the signet ring hasn’t changed much, but designers are getting creative with the flat face of the ring adding stones or other embellishments. A silver signet ring exudes an heirloom vibe with its semi-oxidation texture. The ring looks classic and timeless on the finger, suiting all outfits.

The Statement Ring

While a silver signet ring does set a statement, statement rings are enormous and sometimes oversized for the hand. These rings have intricate stonework or filigree work and generally cover a large part of the finger or fingers. They come in a very huge variety of materials and designs but never fail to catch the eye.


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