3 Outstanding Features of PDFBear to Help You Out with PDF Files

PDFBear to Help You Out with PDF Files

Technology has progressed and changed our way of living in so many ways. We should thank it for helping us adjust to the so-called “new normal” as we battle the pandemic. It has made work and school still operational and ongoing. Without the internet and technology, many things would be put to a halt. Although admittedly, the new normal takes a lot of adjustments and getting used to, it’s all still possible. With many things being done at home, we need not brave the long commute or walk to the office or school. Since most things can now operate online, we can be safe in the comfort of our own homes.

With this, be in-the-know about the changes in many documents you’ll encounter. Since most files are PDFs, it’s good to be well-equipped with the best tool to help you out. If you’re wondering why PDFs are the most-preferred file type, don’t fret as we’ll discuss more of this in a little while. For now, we’d first like to introduce you to a great tool for your documents. So, keep reading to find out more.

Get to know PDFBear

PDFBear is the best document converter tool for all your PDF needs. It’s an online software as a service (or SaaS) tool to help you out in converting Word to PDF, merge PDF, unlock PDF online, and so much more! It has everything you need to make the most out of your documents. There’s no need to download any additional apps or software to use this awesome tool because all you need is a web browser and internet connection. Use this nifty tool on your smartphone, computer, tablet anytime, and anywhere you like!

There are no payments, or subscriptions needed to access PDFBear. Why, yes, this nifty tool is free! And you can be sure that it keeps all your files safe. Their website will autodelete all files uploaded on their server after an hour. Talk about great!

But why PDFs exactly?

A PDF (or Portable Document Format) is the best file type because of its versatility and accessibility. No matter what electronic device or software you’re using, this file type will keep its formatting or overall look. In most cases, raw files tend to look odd. It’s a hassle for printing, too! But when Portable Document Format files, this is not a problem! It makes things easier for you and the recipient of the document since you need to copy and paste everything into a new file.

In the long run, you’ll also save a lot of memory or disk space with this file type because they’re smaller in size compared to other raw documents. Saving and sending this file type saves your precious memory space and time!

Some PDFBear features

Since we’ve already given you a brief introduction to PDFBear and why PDFs are the best file type around, let’s get into some awesome PDFBear features. These will surely help you with your document needs.

Word to PDF

Whether you’re an employee or a student, you’ll most likely create written work in Word or “.docx” format. We’ve mentioned earlier how raw files usually change their format or look, depending on the device or software used. This is exactly the problem with Word files. So, to avoid the hassle of copying and pasting everything to a new document, save it to PDF! This feature of PDFBear is easy and quick to use, so you won’t waste time or effort.

Merge PDF

As an employee or student, you’ll come across team or group projects. These will more than like involve different files. To make it easier for you, your team or group members, and your recipients, combine everything in one file with this nifty feature! It’s a hassle to upload and download each file individually. Also, it’s quite unprofessional to give your recipients a tough time just to download files one by one. Spare everyone and yourself the hassle by merging files into one! You will surely appear more professional this way, too!

Make it easy with PDFBear

So there you have it, everything about PDFs and an awesome tool to help you out! We’ve only mentioned three features of PDFBear, but once you visit their website, you’ll surely find a lot more. Adjust well to the new normal of documents with PDFBear’s nifty features. Never again be dumbfounded with Portable Document Format files and make the most out of them! With changing times, you need to have the best tool to make you efficient in whatever task you do. As we go about work from home and online classes, make the best of it with this nifty tool to make things easy and hassle-free. Good luck and always stay safe!


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