How To Find The Perfect Watch Size For Your Wrist

Watch Size

Finding the right watch for you is like finding the perfect dress or the perfect shoes. More than just looking good on you, it has to fit perfectly. Most people who buy a watch may think that it only comes in one size or shape. However, what they don’t know is that there are different sizes of wristwatches for different models. It’s important to choose the right size so it will be comfortable wearing it.

Relationship of watch model versus its size

The first thing that you need to consider is to understand the make and model of your watch. If you are looking to buy a sports watch, there’s a high chance that it is bigger, compared to a regular analog watch. Aside from the dial’s diameter, it’s also a bit bulkier than the classic designs. 

For example, an Omega Seamaster watch comes in a larger size compared to Pasha de Cartier. The former is for outdoor activities. That is why it’s bigger, while the latter is a bit sleeker because it is for formal occasions.

Different Watch Sizes To Get

By understanding its sizes, you can easily pick the right watch for you. In this article, we will take a look at the different watch sizes available in the market today.


You may not find a man’s watch nowadays below 36mm in size, simply because men find it a bit feminine to wear a small watch. However, in the old days, this was the norm for many watch aficionados. Men used to prefer smaller wristwatches. But since the trends are changing, 36mm watch and below are not more suitable for women.


If you want to wear a watch that fits right in your wrists, you should go for 36-38mm watches. These are more balanced in terms of size, but it’s not too flashy. It’s the perfect watch size to wear for everyday use, like going to the office or attending business. It’s not too small but not too big as well. It usually fits an average man size that’s not too skinny but not too fat as well. Some women also prefer this size, however, this may be a bit large for an average woman.


For men who have a bigger wrist circumference of about 16-19cm, you may want to choose 38-41mm watches. It’s the perfect size for classic watches of men and women within this size. Some people may consider 38mm as too big, but it’s not if you have bigger arms and wrists. The key is to align the watch on your build.


In the mid-1990s, a watch company started a trend of wearing oversized watches. This is when the 42-44mm watches are born. While these are very efficient, especially that it’s easier to tell the time, it may not be best for everybody. Only wear this watch size if your wrist circumference is over 20cm.

45mm And Beyond

Wearing a watch that is 45mm and beyond is only for really big men who have a bigger build. It’s too big for an average man to wear this type of watch. However, some brands still manufacture this because there are still some who need a bigger watch dial. Avoid choosing this watch unless you want to look size someone wearing an alarm clock on his wrist.

Factors to consider when choosing a watch size

Just like finding the best shoes or clothes, choosing the right watch starts by identifying its purpose. As mentioned, each watch model comes in different sizes because it is all made for different purposes. If you are buying a watch to wear daily, you might want to choose something just right for your wrist.

You can start by literally measuring your wrist. Once you know your wrist circumference, it will be easier for you to choose the right size. You may sometimes think that a bigger watch will look good on you, so to make sure that it does, you can try it out and look at yourself in the mirror. If your eyes are immediately caught by your eyes, disregarding other accessories you are wearing, that watch is probably a bit big for you.

Lastly, consider its comfort. Trying out different watch sizes will give you a feel if it’s right or not. Simply put, if it’s heavy, don’t buy it. Choosing the watch will not make you feel like you’re wearing one. After all, wearing a wristwatch should not be a burden.

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