What is academic writing and why is it important to make it unique?


Academic writing is the writing style for publications in university, including assignments, projects, research papers, or other academic publications.

In an educational career, academic writing is common in every grade, but it is important to have it unique, as plagiarized copies can be rejected by the professor you are writing to.

Do you know why it is important to have unique writings for your academics? This article will help you to know, but first, let us discuss the types of academic writing.

What are the types of academic writing?

Essay: This is a short argument that is usually a task by the teacher for the students for different grade’s students. It can be descriptive, narrative, or story-based writing. 

Thesis Paper: At the end of the degree program, this is a kind of research paper that is assigned to the students individually and plays an important role in their studies.

Research Paper: This can be a long descriptive or a case study in which the candidate researches the topic using online and offline resources.

Presentation: This is also a form of academic writing in which an individual or group of students must prepare the topic and provide all the information on the subject to other classmates in the class.

Book Review: When a book of the course is finished, the educator asks each student to write a kind of summary of the book, which helps the teacher to know the concepts of the students about the book.

Synthesis paper: A synthesis paper means writing a complete summary of a book or other work. Teachers assign this task to test students’ understanding.

Importance of unique academic writings

The main purpose of academic writing is to test students’ understanding.

They are taught to write plagiarism-free content because it improves student’s ability to research the subject and write original text.

Inserting copied content into academic papers is very easy, but completely permitted in academic careers. Have plagiarism in academic papers can increase the chances of rejection and in this way, all efforts of students can be useless.

A unique content encompasses both the original words and the thoughts. Even if you do not copy the words, but the concepts of another, it is considered plagiarism.

In higher education, poor academic writing can be the reason for failure to obtain the degree of your program.

Methods to make academic writing free of plagiarism

Well, the best way to have a unique task is to use the original ideas when composing, but in some cases, you may still have plagiarism in your font.

To avoid this, the following methods are useful.

  • Citation with different styles

Citing is one way of adding a reference to the context that is being plagiarized. To make your writing authentic, you may need to add the facts or research to your assignments.

Now it is quite easy to copy the text from a university research paper published online, but it is not acceptable until you write a proper quote.

The citation includes different styles and three of the most important styles are listed below:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • Paraphrasing the plagiarized content

If you are not familiar with the information required for the citation, such as author name, publisher, etc., paraphrasing may be helpful.

Paraphrasing is a common method of removing plagiarism from the job. The paraphrasing tool is to change the wording of the content but keep the same thoughts of the original writing.

This can be done manually, but using a paraphrasing tool is a better option. The sentence rephraser uses algorithms to automatically find and replace the synonyms that are suitable for maintaining meaning.

This is a quick way to remove plagiarism from your writing, but this method can cause paraphrase plagiarism.

  • Quotation method

The easiest way to get rid of plagiarism is the quotation method. In the quotation method, students must append the quotation marks around the sentence that is copied or similar to another source.

Academic experts recommend adding quotations to the quotation to avoid plagiarism.


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