What is a carnation flower?


Carnation flowers can also be termed as clove pink or grenadine. Scientifically, carnation flowers can be termed Dianthus Caryophyllus. It belongs to the kingdom Plantae, family Caryophyllaceae, order Caryophyllales, and species Caryophyllus. A bouquet of carnation flowers can be a great gift for several special occasions, such as Christmas, graduation, birthday, Mother’s day, etc. Carnation flowers comprise different colors with specific meanings. For instance, the color can symbolize gratitude, love, sorrow, sadness, admiration, and appreciation. If you’re opting for long-lasting, readily available, and beautiful flowers, then consider a bouquet of carnations. Most people opt for carnation flowers because they’re available and reliable throughout the year. In addition, carnation flowers have different colors and varieties.

The Meaning of Carnation Flower

As previously mentioned, different colors of carnation flowers reflect a specific meaning. The attractiveness of carnation flowers expresses a variety of emotions. Pink carnation flowers signify the mother’s love. In addition, pink carnation flowers can be used as an act of appreciation.

Red carnation flowers have different shades that reflect different meanings. Light red carnation shows acts of admiration and friendship. Dark red varieties represent sincere affection and love. In addition, white carnation flowers symbolize good luck and pure love.

Other colors of carnation flowers convey a negative message. For instance, a striped carnation symbolizes refusal and regret. Purple carnation flowers reflect capriciousness, while yellow carnations are for sorrow and disappointment.

Types of Carnation Flowers Based on Color

  1. Red Carnation Flowers

If you’re opting to convey a romantic gesture, then you should buy red carnation flowers. This clearly shows that this type of carnation flowers expresses affection and deep love.

  1. White Carnation Flowers

For good luck purposes, you should give a bouquet of white carnation flowers. Also, if you’re willing to show affection and pure love, you should consider this type of flower. White carnation flowers are soft and produce a sweet, spicy smell. Based on research, this type of carnation portrays a prosperous life. Therefore, you can give the flowers as a birthday gift. The most common white carnation flower is Floristan or Floristan White.

  1. Yellow Carnation Flower

Yellow carnation expresses a feeling of disappointment and rejection. The most common types include Golden Sun and Clarion carnation.

  1. Pink Carnation Flower

Pink carnations express mother’s love. Therefore, a pink carnation is a great gift for Mother’s Day. In addition, pink carnation symbolizes gratitude and appreciation. The most common pink carnation flower is termed as Grenadin Pink Carnation and Peach Delight.

Things to Consider When Choosing Carnation Flower

The first item to put into consideration is the type of occasion. Other essential factors to account for include your budget, the quality of flowers, and the reputation of the florist. A reputable carnation florist will provide quality services. In addition, a great florist will ensure that your tastes and preferences are satisfied.



Above is a comprehensive guide on what is a carnation flower. A bouquet of carnation flowers will improve the aesthetic value of the special occasion. Choose a carnation flower color that matches the occasion.


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