Mental Health Approaches for Corporate America

Mental Health Approaches for Corporate America
Mental Health Approaches for Corporate America

As a leader, your own well-being and your team’s well-being should be above everything, especially in a time of crisis, like the pandemic. There are no sure ways you can achieve complete satisfaction, but you might want to explore what works best for your company.


There are a lot of ways that can help you reach out to your employees the right way but in this blog, we go by research and not suggestions. A recent Gallup search process included 200 Chief Human Resource officers that discussed the most common approach for mental health and well-being for employees.


Following are those approaches:


Expand Employee Assistance Programs


Major organizations across the country are already offering employee assistance programs but it is time for them to offer more in this regard. Some organizations have already started extending their offerings and are including yoga classes, meditation, individual consultation, and other services to employee assistance program offerings.


If you have not yet thought about which services to include from this list, the following will help you support your employee’s well-being.


Use Survey


If you want to learn what your employees require for their well-being you might want to take help from surveys. For instance, pulse surveys can identify teams, locations, and departments that are facing increased stress levels.


After the coronavirus outbreak, employees suffered from depression, anxiety, and burnout. Even now, as the situation has started settling down, employees are still under the pressure of having a healthy work-life balance.


In this case, pulse surveys can help provide instant information that is easier to analyze. Pulse surveys quickly gather info, which means that you can send 5-10 questions regularly that will not be time-consuming and help you understand employee perspectives more easily.


For instance, in the survey questions, you can ask your employees what types of things are hindering their productivity levels. Incase employees are facing internet connectivity issues that directly sustain their work process remotely then you can offer help.


If you want, your employees to work productively you can suggest them to have a stable internet connection. Cox cable, in this case, is the better choice, as it offers amazing packages which are pocket friendly.


Use Individual Employee Strengths


Companies have started understanding the need to use more resources from within the organization. There are employees that possess leadership skills, cheerful support, emotional backup, or coaches, but it only takes an eye to spot the skills in the individuals.


Therefore, make sure you utilize the capabilities of your employees for their well-being and your company’s betterment.




The coronavirus outbreak has been tragic in all senses. To make sure your employees are dwelling in this new work life and also working toward their betterment it is important to make sure they are in communication.


Train your leaders and middle managers to have a conversation with the employees more than ever. We understand that having a conversation is now more difficult than it was in a face-to-face situation, but it is more required these days.


Train your staff into being more diligent toward having emotional and meaningful conversations with their colleagues. Leaders and managers especially should have the ability to drive information conversation in regards to employees’ health and well-being.


If this is not something that comes naturally to the leaders, make sure you train them.


Be Vulnerable


The current era is hard, for everyone, including the leaders. Therefore, if you are in a leadership position then you need to be more candid about what is happening with you, personally.


These days most of us are relaying in digital means, using Zoom for our work, and not letting the slow internet get on our nerves is now part of the normal working day. While all of this is happening with the working staff, it is also happening to the leaders.


Therefore, instead of being unnecessarily positive about the situation, start being a little vulnerable. Let them know about your work-life struggles, internet problems, and your overall work stress.


This way the employees would understand you as a part of their own.


Promote Mental Health


There is nothing more necessary than mental health. If you have not started working on providing mental health support to your employees, start doing it from today.


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