What are bay windows for


Bay windows are the preferred choice of many homeowners due to their aesthetics and functionality. In spite of requiring more building efforts and costs than traditional flat windows, bay windows come with a number of benefits that you can make yourself familiar with in the following article.

1. Panoramic views

Being large and extending out of the house, bay windows create breath-taking panoramic views. If you are a fan of beautiful sceneries, bay windows are what you need. They are made of 3 separate windows that allow you to see much more than a flat window does. There is one central window that protrudes the house at 40-80 cm and is parallel to the wall of the house. Also, there are other 2 smaller windows that help connect the central window to the wall at a dramatic angle. This allows you to see not only what’s ahead of you, but also what’s on the side.

2. More light

Bay windows are often installed in rooms that experience poor access to sunlight. Being a combination of 3 windows, the structure allows for a larger amount of natural light to enter the house. This can help you to save on electricity bills, as you get less shade that makes you turn on a light source.

3. Better ventilation

Bay windows are also a solution for poor ventilation. Having 3 windows placed at different angles ensures the air circulates from different directions, creating an effective and pleasant breeze. This type of window also allows you to ventilate the house in a shorter time than flat windows due to its larger size that lets a greater amount of air inside the house.

4. More storage space

By extending outside the house, the window creates additional inside space you can use for storage purposes. You can transform the space under the window seat into spacious drawers and cabinets where you can store clutter and personal stuff. This idea keeps you from buying additional drawers, preserving more open space in the room which, in turn, gives you more freedom of movement.

5. Relaxation place

The large windowsill that’s created from protruding the window outside the house can be used in multiple ways. Some homeowners may turn it into a nice garden full of fresh plants that have a role in purifying the air and adding a beauty appeal to the house. Others will choose to create a comfy seat where they can take a rest after a hard working day, reading a book and enjoying the inspiring panoramic views.

6. Added value to the house

While being more expensive to build, bay windows are a worthwhile investment that tends to add value to your house appeal and attract potential buyers. Due to their fancy design, bay windows are widely considered to be more modern and beautiful than flat windows. In addition to their aesthetics value, they are extremely functionable, enabling more storage space and a comfortable resting seat, where people can enjoy reading, count stars in the night sky, or take delight in the breath-taking views.


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