Ways to Style Long-Sleeved Polo Shirts

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Great Outfit Options with Long-Sleeved Polo Shirts

Long-sleeved polo shirts are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. They can serve various purposes and match with a wide variety of styles. In addition to looking great, they are frequently very comfortable and appropriate to wear in various seasons and occasions. 

By changing colors and patterns, you can mix them up frequently to liven up a look that you like. This versatile and comfortable article of clothing will never let you down, so this article will give you some top tips for some great ways to wear a long-sleeved polo shirt

Casual with Jeans

One great way to wear a long-sleeved polo shirt is as a way to dress up a semi-casual jeans outfit. A simple long-sleeved polo shirt will instantly make this choice look more work-appropriate, especially for casual days or work outings that require more relaxed attire. Jeans are typically a more casual choice but can be appropriate for certain formal occasions or work events when dressed up in the right way. 

This look can be paired with either dress shoes for a work occasion or in-fashion, clean sneakers for a more streetwear look. This outfit option can also be a great choice for going out with friends on the weekend or a casual first date for drinks. 

Classic Looks with Slacks

Another great option to wear with a long-sleeved polo shirt is a simple pairing with long grey or blue slacks. This is one of the more traditional polo shirt looks, but it remains a classic because of its striking appearance and extreme versatility. While jeans may not be appropriate for many situations, classic slacks are always appropriate and are very comfortable and acceptable for many casual engagements as well. 

On days when you need to meet with clients at the office and want to go out after work, this is a great outfit choice. Pair with some oxford shoes or other simple dress shoes to complete a classic outfit choice. 

Layered Up

Another way to present your long-sleeved polo shirt outfit is with an added layer. You can add a sharp blazer or chunky sweater over top of your polo for a sophisticated look when it is a bit colder outside. These can work well with either jeans or slacks and give you a smart look that can be casual or formal, depending on how you put it together. You could also look for a fashionable leather jacket to pair with your polo shirt and dark jeans for an extremely cool style. 

The Versatile Long-Sleeved Polo Shirt

With so many diverse styles and outfit options available for long-sleeved polo shirts, it is no surprise that they are an essential standby of any wardrobe. Be sure to include a few basic colored long-sleeved polo shirts in your collection, as well as a few fun prints that you can bring out for special occasions. 


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