Voice Broadcasting Software the Ideal Tool to Jumpstart Political Campaigns

Broadcasting Software
Broadcasting Software

There is power in speech. Politicians exploit it to good advantage. Listeners are persuaded. Voice has magical influence on decision making. This is why politicians give speeches to their electorate, in person, through TV or through radio. Now, there is an even better tool to use the power of voice to influence voters. That tool is voice broadcasting software. Unlike TV and radio or in-person speeches where you cannot be guaranteed that your voice reaches out to everyone, voice broadcast messages go to each individual target’s phone.  It could play a decisive role in winning political elections. Subscribe to hosted call blasting software or simply get one to use as you like.

Simple and effective

Voice broadcasting software is simple and effective. Anyone with just a little knowledge of how computers work can handle the software and initiate voice campaigns on behalf of political candidates. This is how it works.

  • Prepare a list of voters in the electorate
  • Record your voice message
  • Schedule the voice broadcast for a specific time and day
  • Send

There is more you can do with the versatile call blasting software provided you get it from the right vendor. 

Know voters opinions

Politicians typically pick topics on which to base their campaigns. Success depends on how well it resonates with general expectations. How do you know if it does? It is simple. At the end of the voice message you request recipient to press a number key and the response gets back to your system. 

Advantage: You can realign and redesign campaigns on the fly and endear yourself to your electorate, increasing chances of a win. 

Multiple messages

Voice broadcasts are like SMS: low cost and there is no limit on how many you can send. Leverage the voice broadcasting software to break up a whole political idea into small bits and send them in sequence. Recipients listen to one single message and this imprints itself on the mass consciousness. 

When politicians hold a rally and give long speeches the kernel is often lost in the noise. Very few will remember what your political agenda really is. Voice broadcast lets you be precisely specific and, based on feedbacks you receive, tailor campaigns on the fly. 

Big advantage: track campaigns

TV or radio or in person public speeches do not give you one important thing and that is immediate feedback and knowledge of impact as well as what target audiences think. Voice broadcast software includes facility to help you track campaigns and receive feedbacks. This way you can know what topics to focus on, even the time of the broadcast that elicits best responses and information on how many of the targets listen to your voice messages. All such data goes into the CRM database and helps you derive statistics. You can estimate outcomes of polling. 

Multiple campaigns

The loudest voice drowns out the whisper. This is a practice politicians resort to in online and TV debates. Take a leaf out of this book and play it on your voice broadcast campaigns. Here, volume can be translated into multiple simultaneous campaigns that treat on the most sensitive issues in your electorate. Use everything all at once by creating specific voice messages for each and a feedback option to know opinion of targets. 

One big advantage is that you may use voice broadcasting for political messaging even after the campaigning is supposed to end before the day of voting. This means you stay on top of voters’ consciousness and increase chances of getting their vote. 

Segregate targets

The list of voters in your electorate is made up of men and women. Voice broadcasting is wonderful. You can create messages that appeal to women, concerning social and other issues and you can create messages that target men with topics of their interest. Endear yourself and project yourself as the ideal candidate that deserves their vote. 

Collaborate with party workers

Party workers are people on the ground taking care of coordination of a host of political campaigning issues. You can easily send out directions to them and keep them informed by using voice broadcast as a collaborative tool. 

On the day of polls

Many voters will simply not take the trouble to go to polling booths. Some are undecided and may pick another candidate. Here again, voice broadcasting comes to your aid. Prepare and send out reminder messages, exhorting people to go out and vote. 

If you have obtained your voice broadcast software from the right vendor it is likely to include SMS broadcast too, maybe at additional cost. It is worthwhile having both SMS and voice at your command for political campaigns. Many people in rural areas use only feature phones and SMS is the best way to reach this audience. You can create text message, use the text-to-speech facility to create voice message and send out both. Your chances of becoming the winning candidate improve even more. 


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