6 Hookah Mistakes to Avoid


Smoking shisha is a fun recreational activity. But what makes it even more fun is doing it the right way. Some common mistakes could lead to health issues or breaking the hookah glass base. In any case, mistakes can be avoided so here are the 6 common hookah mistakes to avoid. 

  1. Holding the Pipe by the Stem: This is a big NO! It is most crucial that you carry it by its base even though it may be convenient to carry it by the stem. It can end up with the base detaching especially if there’s water in it and completely shattering. Hold it by the base and the stem for extra support. 
  1. Packing the Bowl Too Much: It’s natural to think more tobacco means more smoke and flavor. Well, it’s quite the opposite. Overpacking the bowl could lead to fast burning of the tobacco, and restrict the airflow. 

Too much tobacco pushes into the foil and gets too close to the coals burning the tobacco, and producing an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Overpacking can also block the holes in the bowl. Buy a bigger bowl, if you feel the need to add more than usual. 

  1. Preparing an Unstable Foil: Do not be that person that makes an uneven foil full of wrinkles. Aluminum foil isn’t as insignificant as you may think. Although your bowl is packed well, a saggy foil could lead to a burnt flavor and harsh smoke. 

An unstable foil is loose and tends to droop down into the bowl, coming in contact with the tobacco, thereby causing it to burn. Make sure that the foil is tightly fit around the bowl, this creates a steady surface that forms a perfect separation from the coals and tobacco. 

  1. Using Dark Leaf Tobacco as a Beginner: Blonde tobacco is ideal to use if you’re a beginner. Dark leaf tobacco has a much higher nicotine content and can be super harsh on the throat. The point is to have an enjoyable time so start with blonde tobacco and slowly work your up to smoking the heavier stuff.
  1. Using Badly Lit Coals: Badly lit coals is definitely not the move. First off, they taste terrible, and second, they do not create enough heat. You’re basically inhaling carbon dioxide when you’re smoking shisha with poorly lit coals. 

This could eventually damage your lungs and form carcinogenic substances in the respiratory system. Make sure they’re red hot before you start puffing away.

That being said, don’t overlight your coals either. They could shrink and not last as long. 

  1. Smoking a Dirty Hookah: Dirty hookahs are simply not it. They take away from a pleasant smoking experience. Not only that, it can negatively impact your health too! The ideal time to clean your hookah is after 2 sessions, at the maximum. 

If not, there will be a build-up of residue, rust formation, corrosions, and let’s not forget the multiplication of bacteria given the moist environment. Just because you don’t “see” it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

Hopefully, this has shed light on some common errors, maybe you’ve done a couple of them too. Mistakes can be rectified and there’s always scope to get better!  


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