Things to Remember while Buying Your First Guitar


If you have felt drawn towards music recently, buying your first instrument can seem overwhelming! Guitars, especially, have been one all-time favourite musical instrument as they seem more like a therapy to many. Music therapy isn’t new to the world and if you are planning to make your first move with string instruments, buying guitars online is the best thing to do! 

By getting your first guitar from the finest online store with versatile choices, you enter a creative industry or make covers for your new band team! Eventually, you begin to feel a part of something great and, undeniably, the first step can create mixed sentiments. 

Knowing the types

Australians have been loving guitars lately. A study says that around 2 lakh guitars got sold last year in Australia. If you are a beginner in the world of guitars, buying your first guitar can leave you with multiple products on your cart list. To begin with, it’s highly vital to know the types and make quick choices. Broadly, you might have to choose between acoustic and electric guitars. 

Choosing between these two types lies in what types of music belong to you. If you play modern music like pop, jazz or R&B, electric guitars can best suit. When connected to an amplifier, electric guitars can produce both loud and soft sounds when tuned. By far, they are easier to play and are the best to buy for teen beginners. 

However, if you are more into folk and country music, acoustic guitars form the perfect match. Especially if you master playing chords, then acoustic guitars can get the job done aptly. Sometimes, you can also find acoustic-electric guitars with both properties. These instruments come with an inbuilt mic or pickup. They work as acoustic guitars and, when plugged into an amplifier, can turn into electric guitars. 

Three things to remember while shopping for guitars

If you are buying guitars online, no doubt, you will find multiple options. They differ in size, shape and string numbers. To make your journey simplified, here are three pro tips and a list of factors to consider,

1.Considering size

When it comes to guitars, the size usually reflects on the product weight and is one factor to correlate with age. Electric guitars are smaller in size and, of course, weigh less when compared to acoustic ones. When buying entry-level guitars for kids, make sure to go with lightweight ones sized up to 125 cms. Also, If you are merely starting, refrain from purchasing full-sized guitars. Look for mini-sized guitars or go through their size charts to find guitars smaller than the regular size of 25 to 25.5 inches. 

2.String choices

 Guitar strings can seem harder on your fingers, especially if it is your first time. Also, buying guitars with too highly placed guitar strings can turn into an expensive mistake. Remember to check how far the twines are from the fretboard. If the guitar has its strings far off from the neck or has a curvy neck junction, it isn’t the best to buy! Electric guitars are good choices with a string size of around 2.3mm. Also, nylon-stringed classical guitars can be safe on your fingers and best suit young children.

3.Checking the neck

Remember to buy a guitar only if its neck is straight. For beginners, guitars with curves or bows can turn hard to play. Also, such guitars can have their necks bent further over usage and there’s no way back!  

Lastly, you can look for additional features like a better warranty, brand name, instrument cables, guitar tuner, etc. And, for electric guitars, do not forget to check the amplifier that comes along! 


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