The perfect guide to picking the best curtain for households!


The perfect curtain design can change everything! It can change and alter everything right from the ambience of the room to the outlook of the room. Suitable curtains can affect everything from what the guests think and the reputation they hold for you to how someone’s mood changes. Would it not be awkward to have comfortably plushy brown sofas and matching pastel walls, giving out a modern luxurious house aesthetic, only to have green coloured curtains framed. It ruins the whole look and grandness of the room. Not to forget, this also leaves a terrible impression of the house owner to all the guests that visit. Why settle for less with average looking curtain fabric materials when being able to select from a thousand different patterns of curtain fabric online, all at the comfort of sitting at home. Select from a catalogue of over a thousand designs of curtains at any time that is suitable and desirable. 

How much does a curtain make a difference to the outlook of the room?

It is highly important how organized and fancy the house looks irrespective of who the guest is. Whether it is family visiting for a holiday or spending the summer, or the boss coming home for a weekend dinner, whether it is friends visiting for a weekly get-together event, co-workers joining for a beer and football, or neighbours visiting unexpectedly, curtains speak high volumes of the house. Material World’s curtain fabrics are all that is needed to woo anyone over. The impeccable and astonishing designs and the smooth, silky texture and quality of the curtain fabrics available are unbeatable by any other product in the market. Elegant and stylish curtains that match and are compatible with the aesthetic of the room radically improves the impression the house leaves on the guests. Like mentioned previously, imagine having a relaxing and comfortable grey lounge chair only for it to be matched with a bright yellow curtain. The guests would be judgemental about the house owner’s sense of fashion, style, elegance and organizational skills. All the money spent on buying those fluffy and comfortable lounge chairs, painting the walls the perfect colour, and buying aesthetically pleasing accessories that match the walls and sofas will all go down the drain. The poor quality and unattractive curtain fabric are what will stand out and what the guests will remember. 

How to choose the perfect curtain fabric online that elevates the aesthetic of the room? 

Choosing the right curtain style and curtain fabric can be a choice that is hard to make, but here are some popular styles of curtains to refer to that can make it easier. 

  1. S-Wave Heading: An S-wave heading necessitates using a particular track or rod, but the outcome is a strikingly gorgeous, smooth, and uncomplicated style.  This style works particularly well with sheer curtains, giving them an elegant appearance.
  1. Double pinch curtains and triple pinch curtains: A double or triple pinch pleat curtain features groups of pleats running along the top of the heading, giving it a traditional decorative appearance. These are traditionally one of the most popular forms of heading because, unlike S-wave style headings, they are compatible with most curtain tracks and rods and can completely conceal the track of rods when closed.
  1. Inverted box pleat: The inverted box pleat is a well-structured and classy heading. This type stacks back better than other styles, particularly when hung below a rod. While suitable for curtain tracks, the pleating at the back of the track can sometimes cause a twist in the curtain heading. 


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