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People are often unaware of what private investigators can do and what their limitations are. If you ask a common man about a private investigator, he will probably picture a detective from the last movie they have watched who does all the impossible stuff like barging in a home, keep following and sneaking into people’s lives, break into big buildings and much more. This isn’t what a private investigator actually does. 

If you’re hiring the services of a private investigator Brighton, it is imperative for you to know what they can do and not. 

Why Are Private Investigators Hired And For What Purpose

Private investigators’ job is to gather information about any person or company and perform a lot of other tasks while staying in the boundaries of the law. A private investigator can help you search a missing person, find out if your partner has been disloyal to you, find your biological parents and some business owners also hire private investigators to have their security checked.

Does A Private Investigator Have Authority For Making An Arrest?

A private investigator does not have the authority to make arrests. However, they can document and record all the doings of a crime when they see it, subsequently, they will inform the law enforcement agencies to take action. Some states do allow private investigators to take action like detaining the criminal until the police arrive but still, they cannot take anyone to jail. 

Are Private Investigators Allowed To Trespass?

Contrary to what we see in movies and TV shows, Private investigators are not allowed to trespass. If they need to enter a building, office or a home, they will require permission from the owner to enter and in no circumstance, they can barge in. Moreover, if a private investigator was allowed to get in and during their investigation, the owner of the house decides to have them out, the PI will have to abide by the commandments of the owner. 

Can Private Investigators Wiretap?

Private investigators are strictly prohibited to record the conversation or dialogue of any person with the help of hidden devices or without the consent. They are allowed to record audios with consent but these rules also vary from country to country. For instance, some state laws do allow private investigators to record the conversation of the person talking to them without having them informed whereas, in other states, the private investigator has to take permission from the person conversing with them before recording their dialogue. 

Are Private Investigators Allowed To Hack Into Personal Accounts?

Most of the work today is done online and the private investigators also perform the majority of their tasks from their offices only. They can glean a whole lot of information from the internet and social media about a certain person, but they are forbidden to hack into personal profiles of anyone they are investigating. These accounts include personal emails, social media accounts, mobile phones, personal computers, bank accounts or any other online profile from where confidential information can be extracted. 


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