child custody investigations

When couples end on a bad note, heated child custody cases begin. Both parties throw serious allegations on each other and until you have concrete pieces of evidence at hand, the case doesn’t settle well. In such cases, private investigators can be of great help. They use their special skills to tilt the case in your favour. A Private Investigator in Bradford employs several investigative prowess to glean the relevant information and help you come out on top. 

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody investigations see how the child is being treated. Private investigators and detectives evaluate the well-being of a child and how the parents are doing. The investigator performs surveillance checks to learn how the parents are with the child when they aren’t aware of being monitored. They document all the instances that indicate neglect via pictures or recording audios. Usually, private investigators include remarks like criminal activities, unlawful activities like drug usage, reckless driving or any other activity that harms the child’s brought up process. 

A private investigator performs several tasks and roles during a child custody investigation. Some of those tasks are:

  1. Interviewing All The Involved People

Private investigators interview and ask questions to anyone who may have direct or indirect relation with the child. These people can teacher, counsellors, relatives, friends, neighbours and other people who somehow know the child. 

  1. Look For Documents And Assets

One of the most important tasks for a private investigator in a child custody case is to look for all the assets that may be hidden or not shown. If they are able to find any evidence that relates to this sort, the client of this PI can have a very strong position in the court.

  1. Collect All Necessary Information 

A private investigator starts off on the project by having a detailed discussion with the parent in question to decide what information they will need to proceed with the case. For instance, they might get to know from their client that the other parent has employed a babysitter for their child, or that they have another person living at their place who interacts with the child daily. These private investigators make very concrete notes on whatever the parent is doing while the child is in their custody and sometimes in the absence of the child, too, just to see if they are habitual of any illegal activity. These investigators present their case with pictures, videos and audios that they capture in public places so that they aren’t filed for breaching personal privacy. 

  1. Background Checking

Another very important task for a private investigator is to dig deep in the past of the person they are investigating. They usually check if the person in question has any criminal record and their personal background. 

There are a plethora of reasons to hire a private investigator for a child custody case. Private investigators can bring peace of mind to the parent who believes the other parent in charge is unfit to keep the child. These investigators are very well-aware of the legal requirements and will most certainly provide testimony and authentic pieces of evidence in the court in your favour. Looking for an experienced and highly professional private investigator? Visit and get your complex issues resolved.


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