The Young and The Restless: Eric Braeden’s BIG DECISION, Reveals His FUTURE Plans


Recently TV Season & Spoilers brought to your disposal the concerning health update of Eric Braeden. He is a brilliant daytime actor best known for his character Victor Newman from The Young and the Restless. In a recent Facebook Live, he revealed that after undergoing a successful knee replacement surgery, he encountered an unfortunate diagnosis of Prostate issues. This update left his fans in shock, for they were concerned about his health and recovery. Some of his fans were also concerned about whether he would take a break or leave his acting career altogether. Continue reading this article further for a better understanding of Eric Braeden’s health and career plans.

Eric Braeden’s real-life update

A legendary soap icon, or Young and the Restless Spoilers lead star Eric Braeden, has once again been brought to the public eye. Although, the current reason for increasing limelight is not his phenomenal acting or his fitness routine. Instead, Eric has become a topic of his fan’s concern because of his health crisis. In a recent Facebook Live, Eric revealed that he had earlier been diagnosed with a prostate issue that has led to cancer. This statement was unfortunately misunderstood by his fans, who believed that Braeden had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

However, Braeden has recently disclosed in a tweet that he has been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and not prostate cancer. Moreover, he expressed that both Prostate and bladder cancer are equally bad and concerning. However, he is still undergoing treatment. Yet, he continued assuring his fans that his cancer is in the early stages and is thus manageable. Undoubtedly, this tweet resulted in a sense of relief for most of his fans, who were sincerely concerned about his health.

In fact, in one of his interviews, Eric declared that he would continue to be an integral part of his show. He said that although he is strangled with a disease as severe as cancer, he is determined enough to put his life together and resume his work. He even added that his job keeps him inspired and sane. Therefore, Eric’s interview is evident enough of his fighting spirit and zeal for fast recovery. In one of his interviews, he also stated that his work ‘distracts’ him and keeps him motivated.

During his Facebook Live, he expressed gratitude for the immense love and blessing his fans have been showing on him. He even requests his fans to share the same love and support with people suffering from the same illness.    

The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden’s reel life update

The soap opera veteran assures that he will continue portraying Victor Newman in The Young & the Restless. Presently, Victor, Eric’s character, is putting in all his efforts to resolve the issues between his sons Nick and Adam. He is entirely dedicated to bringing his family together by avoiding the drama caused by Sally, his son’s girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the show’s spoilers have suggested that Victor, being a concerned father, will find a way to get Sally out of his sons’ lives. They even assume that this can best be supported by Victor offering money to Sally with the intent to send her out of Genoa City. However, these are mere assumptions! You will undoubtedly have to watch the show to determine if Sally agrees with Victor’s conditions or if the story takes another turn! Stay tuned and watch The Young & the Restless to support Eric in his recovery. TV Season & Spoilers wishes Eric Braeden a speedy recovery and healthy life.


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