Any organization that employs personnel outside of offices and frequently deals with complicated settings and circumstances should take field worker safety seriously. Field service companies must consistently engage in the continuing process of managing the requirements for field worker safety. They gradually reduce their risks and liabilities by enhancing the safety of field workers. Adequate field worker safety reduces accidents, workers’ compensation costs, downtime, repair costs, and the time needed to train replacement team members after an injury.

Field service management software can play a significant role in improving safety in the workplace. Whether you are managing a team of technicians in the field or overseeing operations from a central location, field service management software can help you ensure that your staff is adhering to safety protocols, minimizing risks, and keeping employees safe. Here is how:

Enabling preventive maintenance

Technicians can spot risks before they arise with remote access to real-time equipment data. This is an important achievement for field service safety since it keeps professionals and clients safe while avoiding equipment downtime.

Tracking safety

Another way that FSM software can improve safety is by enabling companies to track safety incidents and identify potential risks. Companies can discover patterns and trends in safety concerns and take preventative action to solve them by collecting data on incidents and near-misses. This can range from investing in new tools and technology to revising safety procedures and training programs to reduce hazards. 

AI-driven field service software also automates complicated operations like scheduling, dispatching, reporting, and other tasks is made possible. With carefully optimized schedules, the best technician is always dispatched for the appropriate task, equipped with all the required knowledge and resources to complete the task successfully on the first attempt. By reducing complex and time-consuming decisions, intelligent reporting allows firms to identify the areas that require extra care or safety precautions. 

Access to safety protocols

One of the key ways that field service management software can improve safety is by providing technicians with access to safety protocols, equipment manuals, and training materials on their mobile devices. With this information at their fingertips, technicians can ensure they follow proper safety procedures and protocols while working on the job site. This can include everything from wearing personal protective equipment to properly handling hazardous materials and equipment.

Streamlining onboarding and safety training

Software for field service management gathers and arranges technician information into comprehensive technician profiles. A profile could include information like prior employment history, credentials, skill sets, and place of employment. Companies can track and schedule the most suitable experts for each task with the help of this thorough information. 

Technicians can maintain and hone their abilities while adhering to safety and security protocols with thorough onboarding and training. Additionally, field service software enables professionals to interact with customers and field managers, informing them of crucial modifications to service tasks or safety procedures.

Managing compliance

FSM software can help companies manage safety compliance and certification requirements. By tracking and managing documentation and certifications for employees and equipment, companies can ensure they meet their industry’s necessary safety standards and regulations. This can help prevent fines and legal issues that can arise from non-compliance.

Safety-related capabilities

Falls from heights rank are among the most common causes of accidents in the field service industry. One method that technicians can guarantee appropriate safety is by using fall protection equipment. Field service software can also assist in scheduling technicians during the safest weather and operating circumstances to reduce potential slipping hazards.

In addition to these features, some field service management software may include specific safety-related functionalities. For example, some software may have a real-time feature that allows technicians to report safety hazards and incidents, enabling managers to respond quickly and proactively. Others may include features such as automatic shut-off systems or tracking equipment maintenance and repairs to ensure they function correctly and safely.

The use of augmented reality 

Using Augmented Reality (AR) Field service software with AR capabilities is an immense help in enhancing customer satisfaction and field service safety. By simulating potential emergency circumstances in the field, AR can be utilized to teach technicians. 

Field service technicians’ safety is also at risk in enclosed environments. The tight quarters of limited locations make it challenging for technicians to move about or flee if an emergency arises. Regrettably, it’s possible that restricted areas also contain hazardous elements, which can be extremely dangerous for their health. 

It is possible to guarantee that professionals receive the right instruction in performing confined space work using field service software. Additionally, AR enables technicians to view 3D equipment instructions immediately in their actual environment, reducing errors and ensuring safe service.

Tracking technician activities

Field service management software can improve safety by tracking and monitoring technician activities. Companies can access real-time information regarding field conditions thanks to field service software with integrated contractor management. Ensuring technicians are not acting riskily or working past their capabilities can involve checking their whereabouts, employment status, and working hours. 

Thanks to the software’s data, field service providers can monitor the environment and identify potential risks before they become problems. Furthermore, information about contractors can help data-driven decisions about handling safety problems and where to deploy resources. Companies can immediately respond to any safety problems and take necessary corrective action by monitoring technician actions in real time.

Tracking license expiration

Field service management software can also help ensure technicians have the necessary certifications and licenses to perform their jobs safely. The software can track the expiration dates of these certifications and send reminders to technicians and management when they are due for renewal. This can help prevent technicians from working with outdated or invalid certificates, which could put them and others at risk. Additionally, by monitoring certifications and licenses, businesses can comply with legal requirements and avert possible fines or penalties.

The bottom line

Field service management software can significantly enhance workplace security. Consequently, companies can reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries, stay out of trouble with the law and improve their standing as trustworthy businesses.


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