The Perks of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video calls were once but a figment of one’s imagination. Interestingly, one of the earliest references to video calls can be traced back to the 1927 German sci-fi futuristic movie, Metropolis. And it was over four decades later, in the year 1968, when the first-ever video conferencing technology was introduced by At & T’s launching of its Picturephone in New York. Fast-forward to more than five decades later, and the concept of remote video conferencing has become the new phone call. If you haven’t yet adopted video conferencing in your life, read on and find out about its many perks.   

Communication is Made Way Easier

Covid-19 has pushed people to stay at home and rely on online communication, whether for personal or business matters. But even before the remote workforce became a necessity owing to the pandemic, video calling had already started making waves in the business world in the 1970s, the dawn of the internet era. Doing business and communicating with someone on the other side of the globe without physically flying there is convenient indeed. All that you need is a fast and stable internet connection that costs way less than constantly traveling somewhere for business meetings.

Time, Money & Precious Resources are Saved

With online conferencing, you won’t have to worry about parking, getting stuck in traffic during rush hour, missing your flight, making hotel reservations and all that jazz. In a nutshell, you’ll save time, money and precious energy.

Scheduling Meetings is Made Easier

Especially if your partners happen to come from various parts of the globe, setting up a physical meeting can be challenging. Your schedules may not be compatible, and the time and energy spent on travel is another issue altogether. A virtual meeting can be scheduled more quickly since the members involved would not consider compatible travel and booking particulars. With a stable internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone, you can join a meeting from anywhere and at any time.

Healthy Relationships are Built & Maintained

Of course, nothing beats absorbing the first impression of someone in the flesh. Therefore, if time and circumstances allow, it would be ideal to have the first meeting with someone vis-à-vis. Otherwise, the next best option is video calling. However, suppose you’re not convinced of going online for a first business meeting. In that case, it is still an excellent idea to resort to video calling for the second and succeeding meetings when time is of the essence, and physical travel will delay timelines. Through online conferencing, you will keep constant communication with your team and receive the necessary updates with little time wasted.

Health, Safety & Comfort are Secured

Since you won’t have to endure the hassles of physical travel, your stress levels are kept to a healthy minimum. Especially during this pandemic, you can go about with your business as usual without putting your health and safety at risk. With virtual meetings, you can keep a steady hand on the reins of your business in the comfort of your own home.

Productivity is Maximized

Since video conferencing spares you from unnecessary stress and saves precious time and energy, you’ll be more relaxed, clear-headed and thus more productive. And since virtual meetings can be done in real-time, the delays caused by lost messages and endless email chains can be avoided.


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