The Modern Repository: The Best Bedroom Storage Products For 2020

Bedroom Storage Products

If there’s something that quarantine has taught us, we need to take a step back and reevaluate our lives. A thing that comes when we’re making a list of what we need to change is storing our stuff inside our homes. Anyone can overlook a bad habit of keeping personal things inefficiently, and bulky items can pile without us noticing.

One of the most underrated places in our homes that items tend to reach an excess is the bedroom. Most people would only consider the bedroom as a place to sleep and rest. But what they don’t realize is that it is also a great place to store miscellaneous items that would either not be used daily or only necessary during special occasions. Here are some of our recommendations for bedroom storage. However, before you dig deeper, please make sure that whatever you do, it should not mess up with the decoration of your room. You should follow this wonderful study: Decorate Your Living Room with Contemporary Home Decor; it’ll help you understand the different aspects of room decoration. It’s been originally published by Floately, a series of products with creative lighting ideas and levitation concepts.

Vasagle Entryway Storage Bench

The storage bench is easily one of the most decorative yet functional pieces of furniture you can place inside the bedroom. The Vasagle bench is a beautiful piece of furniture that blends the perfect harmony of elegance and practicality; good depth for space, durable and treated wood, comfortable top cushion, and rubberized feet. 

Lingerie, bed linen, and some people even have epiphanies for gun storage ideas whenever they see this storage bench and ottoman crossover. Anyone looking at the Vasagle bench for the first time would be fooled thinking that it’s just a simple accent piece, and that’s where its beauty shines, keeping a balance between subtlety and functionality.

9 Storage Cubes, 4 Tier Shelving Bedroom Storage Cabinets

As generic as their name may sound, the storage cube concept has only seen a rise in popularity in the last few years. Many celebrities pride their work on organization and minimalism through the use of functional pieces such as these. The storage cube design has taken inspiration from many continental cultures such as Asia and Europe.

People don’t realize the flexibility of using storage cubes to decorate the bedroom and this article aims to help people achieve efficiency with these recommendations. Many people like storing personal items such as shoes, bags, or random items inside closets but with storage cubes, displaying and storing such things are now possible.

Love-Kankei Floating Shelves Wall Mounted 3-piece Set

People are sometimes scared to drill holes inside their walls, thinking that they might damage something meaningful. However, that usually only happens to less rigid walls such as dividers or wood walls between rooms. Studying the layout of your home and doing careful research will eliminate any possibility of damaging something behind the wall.

Floating shelves are great ways to add storage to the bedroom without taking up any floor space. The Love-Kankei shelves are simple, fashionable, and durable enough that they won’t fall on your head someday while you’re sleeping. It is worth mentioning that placing double-sided tape underneath decorative pieces would be a great idea to reduce the possibility of objects falling during an earthquake.

Office by Kathy Ireland ATRIA 5-Shelf Bookcase Charcoal Gray

One of the more mouthful item names on this list, but that also goes to show how much of a beautiful storage piece the Atria Bookcase is. A bookcase can sometimes be misunderstood as furniture that serves one purpose, not being efficient at all. A bookcase can serve as a storage place for many things such as figurines, collectibles, souvenirs, and many more.

A great way to keep a standing bookcase looking good is to add lighting. One or two strips of led or an old Christmas light lying around will turn your bookcase into a great conversation-starter, and a partner or guest will appreciate your effort into putting time to decorate the bedroom, of course with the permission to step inside your sanctuary.

Vanity Table Set, Make-up Table With 3-color Touchscreen Mirror and Stool

The vanity mirror is one of the essential pieces of furniture that you can place inside your bedroom as it serves both the purpose of keeping the space personal and at the same time giving a sense of character. A vanity table is usually popular among women, but there is no rule that men can’t make use of this piece to lighten up their rooms.

SONGMICS Extended 4.9-inch Depth LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

A jewelry cabinet might seem like a luxury to most people, but this product from SONGMICS won’t only serve as ample storage for valuables. Still, it can become a vault for important miscellaneous items. The owner only defines the possibilities. If you have any desire to keep your jewelry storage fashionable and functional at the same time, taking a look at this cabinet is a great place to start.


2020 has taught people many things, and most of those realizations come from our time at home. Envisioning a more welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom can be made possible with a few short minutes while reading our recommendations. Here’s to making our sacred bedrooms beautiful with a touch of practicality!


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