13 Best Anime Shows to Binge Watch When You’re Bored


Anime is a term for the Japanese version of animation. Thus, most stories involve magical creatures. Others are sports anime that have different tournaments in each episode. Moreover, anime showcases different human characters. Hence, it is ideal for both kids and adults, and anyone can find it enjoyable and relatable. Thanks to technology and the internet, you can now watch anime online easily. Just check out robots.net for their comprehensive guide of the best anime streaming sites.

To help you start your anime marathon, we’ll give you a list of the best anime to binge-watch. Read on to find out more.


Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who has a magical nine-tailed fox creature trapped in his body. The fox was sealed in his body by his father to save their village. Naruto’s father was a Hokage village leader. Naruto became friends with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. With Sakura’s help, Naruto was assigned to retrieve Sasuke, who joined a wanted criminal, Orochimaru, to gain strength to take revenge against his older brother. Sasuke’s older brother, Itachi, is responsible for killing their clan.


Boruto is a sequel to Naruto. He is the son of Naruto and takes the lead of the next generation of ninjas. Boruto wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and make a mark in the ninja world.


Grimms are wicked creatures that lurk the Earth, and humans struggle to fight against them. Then humankind discovered the Dust, a mysterious element that can power weapons and give magical abilities. This anime showcases how four young girls train to be Grimm hunters and protect humans.

Beyblade Metal Fury

Beyblade is a type of spinning toy developed in Japan. The series focuses on legendary bladers that have enchanted fragments attached to their Beyblades. They fight to defeat the god of destruction who wants to rule the world.

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba)

A young boy named Tanjiro Kamado lost his family in a demon attack. He is left to take care of his little sister, Nezuko, also a survivor of the onslaught. Although Nezuko is still acting like a human, she is slowly turning into a demon. To cure his sister and avenge his family, Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer.

Vinland Saga

It is a story of a man who seeks revenge for the death of his father. He learns to survive alone and develops a conflicting feeling for his past and present life along the way.

Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager is a teenage boy who wants to avenge the death of his mother. The story is set in a world where cities are covered in large walls to protect humans from Titans. These Titans are giant creatures that eat humans.

The Rising of The Shield Hero

A laid-back Japanese boy named Naofumi Iwatani was summoned to a parallel world. He became a cardinal hero to fight interdimensional monsters called Waves. Unlike his fellow heroes, who have attack weapons, he was given a defensive shield. After being betrayed by his companion, he bought a demi-human girl and an egg that became a bird-like monster. Together they fight to protect the world from the Waves.

Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya

The Knights of the Zodiac anime series is a remake of a 1986 Japanese classic, Knights of the Zodiac. It is a story of young warriors referred to as ‘Saints.’ It shows the different battles they have against the wicked forces that wanted to stop Athena’s reincarnation. Athena is a goddess that protects the Earth.

Dragonball franchise

This series is about Son Goku, who uses his learnings in martial arts to explore the world to search for seven Dragonballs. When gathered together, these magical balls summon a dragon that will grant any wish.

Yuyu Hakusho

A teenage boy named Yusuke Urameshi died in a car accident while saving a child. Thus, he was brought back to life after undergoing a series of tests. He was tasked to be an ‘Underworld Detective’ to investigate demons’ presence in the human world. The show involves different battles and tournaments.


This series revolves around a young boy who aims to be a national volleyball star player. Though he is short in height, he doesn’t let it stop him from achieving his goal. He joined his school’s volleyball team. It is a story of perseverance towards a dream despite the odds.

Hajime no Ippo

Ippo Makunouchi is a shy boy who was bullied. While the bullies beat him, a professional boxer managed to help him. After the event, he clarified that he wants to pursue a career in professional boxing. The story focuses on Ippo’s humble background and character.

Final Thoughts

Anime is more than just an animated show. It showcases Japanese culture and has amazing plots. Each character has backstories that you can relate to and sympathize with. They give value to the family, friendship, and human kindness. The common trait of each protagonist is perseverance towards their goals. There is a lot to learn in an Anime. You can stream online for free or through legit sites. Best streaming anime streaming sites have different platforms. Pick which best suits you.


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