Some Important Tricks Related To Tech

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richard brutyo G0giT3AAWIo unsplash

In times of modernization, people are very eager to save their time. This is the main thing they need. Therefore if you are likewise inadequate with regards to time, then you have to find the right place. Nowadays, people are too curious to learn about new special things and their perspectives. Simply put, in the cutting-edge time of 2020, innovative web magazines are the most visited website in the world. There is the continuous progress of innovation due to more current things going on ahead of the customary basis. There are many important tricks and tips about innovation that you should be looking for in the best technology sites in India. With the help of this article, we will give you some important statistics regarding Tech tips and tricks. Technology plays an important role in all parts of HUMAN life, for example, instruction, transportation, correspondence, etc. The innovation utilized in every single diverse field is required to keep improving after some time and make day by day undertakings simpler to perform for the normal individual. Here are some tricks related to tech:-

How To Get Back Accidently Closed Tab?

Occasionally, any tab is accidentally closed while using a laptop or computer, to restore that tab, we can use a technique. If you want to get back a tab that you closed, Simply press “Ctrl” plus “Shift”, or plus “T” in Windows, and in Mac, you have to press “Command”, plus “Shift” or, “T”.

How To Close Current Tab Or Window?

If you want to close a tab in any browser, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox Internet,  you can simply press “Ctrl”, plus “W” to do so. And, if you want to close all tabs at a time or any window, just hit “Alt” +“ F4”.

How To Open Command Prompt Directly?

Sometimes, we have to open the command prompt, also known as “cmd”, to do so, we can type “cmd” in the file explorer address bar and Command Prompt will open. If you want to have more information about tech tricks, you can visit Best tech blogs in India.

How To Use Hot Key?

Sometimes you need to fix your hotkey to dispatch your favorite If you need you can set alternate route key effectively, right-click on the program you need to set hotkey and explore to ‘shortcut ‘ at that point click on shortcut key currently type your hotkey, for instance, to utilize a hotkey you have to press Ctrl+Alt+ your hotkey then snap on apply and all right. Presently you can utilize your shortcut key.

How To Minimize All Tabs?

Suppose you are operating on a PC and various windows are open and all window tabs need to be closed. You can use Windows Key + D to minimize all windows in the same short and vice-versa. To know more about computer tricks, you can search top tech blogs in India.

How To Change Text Size?

Other tricks that can be used to change the text font size, but a way to change size in the browser by pressing “Ctrl” or “+” to lower the text font size, and “Ctrl” or “-” to rise. This trick is very useful for us while using the browser.

How To Refresh Current Page?

You should refresh the current page while browsing the web pages to reload the page completely and to see the changes you have made. You can press Ctrl + R and F5 keys to reload the current page. To know more about tech tricks, you can search for technology blogs India.

How To Take A Screenshot?

If you just need to screen capture some portion of the screen, there is a way to do so for both Macs, and Windows. For Windows, just click on “Start” plus, “Snipping Tool”, then you need to just drag the part that you want to capture. For Macs, “Command”, plus “Shift”, plus “4” and this will bring up the tool, then you need to drag the area you want.

How To Clear Cache?

Clearing cache is important for all PC or Laptop users. To clear cache, just press “Ctrl” plus “Shift”, plus “R”. This will also refresh the active page. To know more, search for tech blogs India.

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