Recreational Diving Places in Texas

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gokhan polat NThBgBjmgnE unsplash

Texas is not a popular diving destination as compared to other diving destinations of the United States. But, it has more than 20 diving sites all around the state in lakes, rivers and the Gulf of Mexico. Here are the best recreational diving places in Texas that you can visit. You can also get trained from professionals scuba divers in some of the facilities.

Balmorhea State Park

Balmorhea State Park is one of the popular tourist destinations in Texas. The park has San Solomon Springs that spreads in more than 40 acres of land. The crystal clear waters of this place attracts many tourists to do scuba diving. It is a great place to learn diving for beginners as it has a maximum depth of water of around 24 feet. You can see different fish from crawfish to long catfish in the water of San Solomon Springs. Due to its crystal clear water, it attracts many divers from Texas to take a dive.

The Flower Garden

Texas also has coral reefs at the Flower Garden National Marine Sanctuary. The Flower Garden is one of the best locations to dive in Texas. The sanctuary is located on the east coastĀ  of Texas around 80 to100 miles away. For visiting this location, you have to travel by boat. There are many diving and fishing businesses that work here. You can select any of the good diving operators for scuba divingĀ  by checking its reviews. The dive sites at this location are for all types of divers like for beginners and experienced divers.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon scuba diving is located in Huntsville Texas. You can do scuba diving with your children in this facility. The rates of diving are different for scuba divers and non scuba divers. On weekends, PADI scuba lesions are available for beginners to higher level divers.You need to hire all the equipment for diving from the facility.

Athens Scuba Park

Athens Scuba Park is a popular diving destination in Texas.You can take diving training in the lake of Athens Scuba Park. They have facilities for training to beginners by PADI certified trainers. Visibility in water at this park is not good if you have experienced diving in other popular diving locations of the United States. This area also has a tunnel system that helps to simulate waves. Other than diving the Athens Scuba Park has camping facilities, boating and fishing activities to do with your family and friends.

Valhalla Nuclear Missile Silo

Valhalla is a nuclear missile silo which is already decommissioned. The nuclear missile silo is located near Abilene Texas. This place is not for beginners. This place has ground water around 120 feet which is covered by concrete walls.To check its opening time and other details, you can visit Family Scuba Center in Midland. This diving place is not free and you have to pay fees to the owner of this silo for diving.

We hope this article will help you to find the best recreational diving places in Texas.


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