Best oven for baking


The secret to baking delicious food lies not only in the quality of the ingredients, but also in the oven’s performance. A multifunctional oven, like Sfornatutto Maxi, will offer you an unforgettable baking and grilling experience creating mouth-watering dishes that are hard to resist. It is truthfully considered by many the best oven for baking that should be on every kitchen countertop given its amazing features. Take a look at them to convince yourself that this super oven is worth giving a try.

1. Heat convection

The heat convection function ensures the oven heats up instantly, excluding the annoying pre-heating time. This function is perfect for roasting and grilling where you need the meat, fish and veggies to be crispy from outside and tender from inside.

2. Bake function

By choosing the bake setting, the oven will heat up from both upper and lower sources to provide an equal distribution of temperature on the baked product. It does it automatically, so you can forget about flipping the piece of meat from side to side manually to prevent it from getting burnt.

3. Gratin function

This function is designed for gratin dishes topped with breadcrumbs, egg or cheese to form a brownish crust. The oven sends a calculated amount of heat onto the dish top to ensure a perfect crust formation.

4. Keep warm feature

Need to keep the dish warm until the running late guests arrive? This function will allow you to achieve this without raising your utility bills by heating up the food again. The keep warm function consumes little energy while preserving the roast product at a decent temperature for more than 20 minutes. This feature is driven by a strong thermal insulation of the oven equipped with a double glazed door for keeping the heat inside for as long as possible.

5. Rotisserie

The oven comes with rotisserie elements that assist you at grilling a large quantity of meat for a holiday feast or friends meeting. The 32 l internal volume allows you to cook 4 kg of meat at once, while the slowly rotating spit ensures an even distribution of heat, contributing to a crispy top and juicy interior.

6. Defrost option

Need a quick roast for the surprising visit of friends? The defrost option makes sure the meat will be ready before the guests arrive, by preparing it for roasting in the shortest time possible. The defrost function lends a helping hand to those who avoid wasting time on homemade cooking, allowing them to prepare frosted products fast.


7. Handy controls

If you are afraid of complicated control panels that have a lot of buttons of different sizes that confuse your mind, worry less, as Sfornatutto Maxi boasts a user-friendly control panel with only 3 knobs that are easy to handle and understand. The knobs provide you with maximum control over the cooking process, allowing you to adjust the heat, time and spit rotating speed to meet the needs of the products. Moreover, knobs have an ergonomic design that enable an easy grip and hassle-free regulation.



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