Quality temperature control for heat pump with auxiliary heat

thermostat aux circled
thermostat aux circled

    What are the heat pumps?

         Heat pumps basically heat and cool your home by moving or pulling heat out of the house into the summer and winters.

     When the temperature falls, it’s harder to extract heat from outside air, so heat pumps require a secondary heating source, which is usually located on the indoor unit.

       What heat pumps do?

            There is a process called heat transfer. Heat pumps generally work by transferring outside heat into ones home. We use the heat transfer process because it is the most reliable and cheapest way.    

         How would you define Auxiliary Heat?

                  Auxiliary heat is derived from an electric resistance heater to supplement a heat pump for meeting the heating load of the house. It automatically turns on by the system when the system can’t keep up. 

Auxiliary heat is turned up when a thermostat is 2 degrees higher than the current room temperature.

There is a difference in both  auxiliary heat and an emergency heat .Do not get confused between them .

  When heat pumps switch to auxiliary heat?

              Heat pumps switch into auxiliary heat when the outside temperature falls below than 35 degrees.

      What is a thermostat?

              Thermostats are devices thy control heating or cooling devices to maintain a specified temperature. It is used in the refrigeration system.

It is connected to HVAC by the help of wiring .

It triggers an electric signal when the temperature rises.

Quality of thermostat may vary . Always choose the best one according to your budget .

  Types of thermostat :

      Thermostas are of two types  

  • Electronic: 

         Digital processors and wifi can control electronic thermostat. Special sensors are installed for signals.These can be programmed through mobile apps .

They can be monitor easily but never give this into the hand of anybody who is not familiar with its features.

  •  Mechanical:

It looks like a little machine but plays a significant role in the mechanical industry. It consists of the following parts 

  • Metal body 
  • Sensory bulb 
  • Temperature adjustable pin
  • Live output
  • Live input 
  • Critical temperature indicator 

What is the location of the thermostat in the machines?

        There is always a thermostat nobes in machines. These nobes are specially designed, and they have some kind of information written on them.

So you will be familiar with the exact direction and temperature of your machine.

Why we need a thermostat for a heat pump?

        We know that heat pumps are responsible for controlling the cooling and heating system.

So they always need a thermostat to control each because thermostats help in switching cooling into heating and vice versa.

    The best thermostat for heat pumps into auxiliary heat 

   Fortunately, there are so many thermostats in a market with sound effects and affordable prices 

     Few of them are following. They marked as the best thermostats.

  • 1 Honeywell Wifi
  • Honeywell wifi one of the best seller of 2020.
  • It is easy to use highly definable with excellent touch screen 
  • It can show inside and outside temperature on the screen
  • Fans can get atomically on and off when needed 
  • Energy saver mode is installed 
  • Long term warranty 

Runner-up Nest T3017US Learning 

  • Can be controlled by voice (Alexa )
  • Temperature clock is installed 
  • Stylish attire, the attractive device in a different colour 
  • Thermostats know when someone is leaving home or coming because of motion sensors 
  • Automatically turns HVAC on and off 
  • Energy-saving potential 

Emerson Sensi Wifi thermostat 

  • Can easily be operated by wifi 
  • It has a unique feature of standard wire (C wire)which is not installed in all HVAC
  • Accelerate alarm when temperature level boost 
  • Have Geofencing features 
  • Good electricity consumption
  • Automatic voice control 

HoneyWell RTH3100C1002/E1

  • One of the cheapest thermostat with vibrant features 
  • It is not bound with special wiring 
  • On and off automatic fans installed
  • Easy to install and operate no typical process involved
  • The digital screen is easy to operate and can be determined on temperatures day and night.
  • Temperature setting by single click.

Points to remember while choosing ta thermostat 

  • There is always a vast difference between the two thermostat choose wisely .
  • Some thermostat is compatible with heat pumps, and some are not.
  •  Keep checking that it works with your HVAC or not.
  • Note the programmability 
  • Length of warranty
  • Always hire a professional person for installation 
  • Electronic or smartphone devices are little confusing do not operate if you have no idea.
  • The fans should be cleaned appropriately, so it provides the air progression in a proper way
  • Be sure the ducts or fans are not interpreted breed by furniture or any other thing it can create trouble in proper working 
  • Some factors may affect heating cost majorly the cost of electricity in your residential area and the size of heat pump also 


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